Posted: Thursday, Dec 31st, 2020

By Visit Ventura

How Does Ventura Greet the New Year?


These continue to be times like no other. In these times, Happy New Year takes on a blurry meaning.

But like any blurry picture, you can squint and see what you want.

And therein lies the secret, and perhaps a whole lot of magic.

Half empty. Half full.

Sunset. Sunrise.

Vulture. Phoenix.

You see.

We have spent the past months adjusting. And adjusting again and again. And for at least a while longer we will be doing the same thing.

How we see this is up to us.

One thing though is crystal clear and certain.

There’s no place, no community, like our Ventura home.

How Does Ventura Greet the New Year?

How does Ventura greet this New Year?

V is for Valiant. For Veracity. For Visionary. For Ventura.

E is for Everybody. We are a community that looks out for each other.

N is for Nothing. Nothing has ever stopped us. Nothing ever will.

T is for Thankful. Thankful for the gifts Ventura has. And it’s not just waves and sunshine.

U is for understanding. So many people, going through so many things. Put yourself in their shoes.

R is for Resilience. Two words. Ventura Strong.

A is for All. Whether it’s supporting our Ventura businesses or getting past a global pandemic — it will take all of us to do this.

And do this we will.

How Does Ventura Greet the New Year?

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