Nestled along the coast between Malibu and Santa Barbara, Ventura is an easy alternative to the hustle and bustle of big cities, offering small-town tranquility with ocean views and uncrowded beaches only an hour north of Los Angeles.


Air travel to and from Ventura is available via Los Angeles, Burbank, and Santa Barbara airports with connecting flights to all major cities worldwide. The closest airport to Ventura with direct and connecting flights all over the country is Santa Barbara Airport just 30 miles north. The simplicity of flying in and out of Santa Barbara Airport is coveted by many. The airport is small and allows travelers to get through security and pick up their bags in minutes so you can make the most of your vacation time. The Airport is 30-45 minutes from Ventura along California’s iconic Highway 1 with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean the whole way, meaning your vacation starts as soon as you walk out the door.

The larger Los Angeles and Burbank airports are also very popular entry ways for Ventura, only 60 miles south. Los Angeles has endless convenient direct flights from all over the world while Burbank offers convenient connections and lots of budget flights to/from destinations all over the United States.

Shuttle service to Ventura is available from all three airports through companies like Roadrunner, Smart Shuttle, and Ventura County Airporter.


Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner is another great alternative for transportation to Ventura connecting cities from San Diego in southern California to San Luis Obispo on the Central Coast with a convenient stop in downtown Ventura. It also stops at Burbank airport providing easy train connections for travelers. Given downtown Ventura’s fantastic walkability score with hotels, restaurants, galleries, beaches, historic sites, and boutique shops all within a ten block radius, train travel is highly encouraged. So much so that some Ventura merchants have partnered with Amtrak’s Pacific Surfliner to offer deals and discounts for train passengers. Check out their site for details and keep an eye out for Ventura weekend getaway contests.


Once you arrive in Ventura, car-rental companies and public transportation services like Vista and Gold Coast Transit  buses are readily available. However, visitors soon discover that you can walk almost anywhere -and with Ventura’s endless summers, it’s usually a sunny walk along Ventura’s beach promenade, historic Main Street, or scenic botanical gardens. Ventura hotels also proudly offer the free Ventura Downtown-Harbor Trolley that connects visitors along a convenient route from their hotels to Ventura Harbor Village and downtown Ventura. And for cycling fiends, many Ventura hotels also offer bike rentals. All you have to do is get here. We’ll take care of the rest.

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