Whiteboards or surfboards?

In Ventura, you won’t have to decide. With our affordability and proximity to the beach, why not do both? Life is not all about work, and play makes you more efficient at work. The hardest part about bringing your group to Ventura to work/play? Leaving..

Surfer's Point
Adventurous, Affordable and Accessible

These three attributes alone set Ventura apart as a leading destination for groups and meetings. This colorful seaside city just 60 miles north of Los Angeles is ushering in a new era for meeting venue excellence and convenience.

Indeed, the city of Ventura – officially named San Buenaventura, or the City of Good Fortune – today offers a wealth of downtown attractions, recreational adventures and historic sights.

Major airlines serve Ventura through nearby Santa Barbara Airport, Burbank Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport. Regular shuttle, rental car, and bus services are readily available while Amtrak stops right in the heart of town.

Accessibility and affordability, along with our exquisite coastal views, beaches, and convenient Amtrak service, remain some of the biggest advantages for hosting groups and meetings in Ventura.

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Visit Ventura would love to help promote your event here in our beachside community. Our team can provide (alluring and truthful) marketing materials that will help attract more attendees. Contact us. We’d love to help — and with due humility, there’s no better Ventura resource!

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A Testimonial from Anschutz Entertainment Group, AEG

AEG is the world’s largest owner of sports teams and sports events. Suffice to say, they know how to put on a major sports event. When they came to ostensibly small-town Ventura, bringing a stop in the Amgen Tour of California bicycle race with them, Ventura not only rose to the occasion, but surprised AEG with both the town’s enthusiasm and its innovation. Perhaps why AEG brought the Tour of California to Ventura three times.

Below, a few AEG accolades…

“Working with your team at Visit Ventura was such a pleasure. Many thanks to Marlyss who was able to secure all of the hotel rooms we needed. We’re not always an easy group to house as the teams have specific needs and without the hotels!”

From Zach – “Ventura was great! Throughout the 2018 Amgen Tour of California planning, they [Ventura CVB] developed and executed marketing initiatives that were beyond expectations, elevating the Amgen Tour of California’s brand presence and race awareness, resulting in one of the best host city experiences the race has seen.”

From Elaine – “Marlyss Auster and Cheryl Bagby significantly impacted our highly successful Ventura race accommodations. They absolutely know their hotel properties – coupled with their developed understanding of the race’s needs – and they paired us perfectly with the properties in their market. We contracted with almost all of their hotel suggestions, and we were extremely happy with the venues and corresponding service. What really struck me was their commitment to our project and the long-term assistance over many months up until the race arrived and departed Ventura. They even posted welcome signs in all of the race hotels. We could not have asked for more from them. Using hotel lingo – I give them five stars. Many, many thanks to your team and we look forward to working with you all again soon in the very near future!”

We may be small, but we believe we can host events at every level.


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