This year’s illustrated wrap cover says it all. A vintage mustang on the Ventura Highway leads into town with palm trees lining the way. In Ventura, Old School California lives and thrives. Experience sunset walks on one of the oldest wooden piers in the state, burgers on the beach, and a boat ride out to the Channel Islands — all in Ventura. Just a stop off the iconic Pacific Coast Highway.

Inside the 80 pages, read helpful information and inside tips; everything from undiscovered Ventura neighborhoods and shopping/eating/adventuring secrets to the ultimate guide to Channel Islands National Park — pretty much everything that makes Ventura special. World-class outdoor play, year-round sunshine, miles of empty beaches, locally owned businesses and restaurants, and small-town friendliness. And, of course, shopping, dining, beer-quaffing, wine-tasting, and all manner of fun in the sun — because that’s what Ventura does best. The 2023 Ventura Inspiration Guide brims with passion, community, a heartfelt arms-wide welcome, and, yes, the pure joy and inspiration of travel.

The best part? All photos and images feature local community members. You won’t find models posing in these images. We’ve captured everyday Venturans who go to the same grocery store and relax on the same beaches in each photo you find in the guide. We pride ourselves in recruiting locals to tell the Ventura story themselves. Who better to do the job?

So why do we call it an “Inspiration” Guide anyways? Well, we hope it inspires visitors and locals alike to celebrate Ventura, the land of endless summers and retro California.

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