Ventura is a place that embodies a casual soul and unexpected allure. A vibrant beachside town that checks stress and pretense at the door.  Its artistic culture, enduring history, and privileged locale are crazy-inviting, very much alive, and refreshingly human.

With a breathtaking view at every turn, a hotel stay in Ventura is about so much more than accommodations; it’s about immersing you in a fun and relaxing oceanside setting filled with sand, surf, and best of all, fun! Featuring one-of-a-kind full-service hotels, trusted budget motels, and intimate bed & breakfasts.

Situated along the coast between Malibu and Santa Barbara, Ventura is an easy alternative to the hustle and bustle of big cities, offering small-town tranquility with ocean views and uncrowded beaches only an hour north of Los Angeles.

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