Posted: Monday, Jul 10th, 2017

By Visit Ventura

Ventura, a town best traveled

We are teased and spoiled by the abundance of coastal experiences California offers. Some stand-up and beat their chest while others lay back and cool their heels. But one simply squints through the midday sun and invites me to, “Come, stay, eat, surf, and play… but YOU be YOU.”
Ventura, a town best traveled

Photo by Visit Ventura

I don’t have to be rich or know a secret handshake and I don’t know of any dress codes. What I do know is I can park and walk to just about anything from tacos at the pier to an art gallery or wine bar at night and find an eclectic culture of human expression and unapologetic character. I fit right in not because I try but rather because I don’t have to try in the first place.
Ventura, a town best traveled

Photo by Michelle Evans

Day or night, the town has a causal soul yet a pulse that quickens and slows with its indigenous offerings– art, music, rich food trends, and a proximity to a stunning convergence of ecological wonder, colorful diversity, and a storied history. You can drive right past it or even right through it but when you stop here you’ll know that you’ve arrived at a special place. It doesn’t just sit by the sea but it stands by itself in spirit and allure. And when I’m there – when you’re there – it’s even better than before. We live, we visit, we engage – we are in Ventura.

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