Here Comes the Sun. Ventura Welcomes Back the Things That Never Left

Sunset paddle

By Visit Ventura

Here comes the sun. Four simple words. So much meaning.

Photo by Lucas Dorward

In Ventura, we never lost sight of the sun. Or the things that never left us, exhibited quietly here in Ventura and in the world we all share. Courage. Grace. Selflessness. Perseverance. Human decency. All of it, sunshine on a cloudy day.

Other good things, they never left either. Some we share with every town. Some are uniquely Ventura’s own. Simple, not-at-all-simple things. The sun on your face. The tiny applause of eucalyptus leaves on the road rising to Grant Park. The languid beat of wave and tide on any Ventura beach. Saltwater drying on your skin. The myriad pastels of sunsets in the heavens; like snowflakes, each one different.

Santa Cruz Islands

And now doors are reopening — in appropriately cautious, responsible fashion — and new magic is here. Because it feels like magic and that’s okay. Better than okay. Now you can meet your grandmother for coffee, sitting together at patio table and sharing long-missed moments in the sunshine. Now you can raise a cold craft beer with a few friends — or, better still, Grandma — in that same sunshine, or maybe on yet another silky Ventura evening at any one of Ventura’s breweries. Now there is more room on Island Packers’ boats as they whisk you to some of the world’s most glorious open spaces.

Again, you can share a bent double laugh with properly spaced audience at the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club. Remember laughter?

Again, you can listen to live music — in safe, socially distanced, outdoor fashion — at Winchester’s Grill or the Harbor Cove Cafe. Maybe make a request. We know an appropriate Beatles tune.

Now as we rise toward the sun, all these good things rise again beside us like a fresh start.

Here comes the sun and all the good things.

There before, but perhaps now all the brighter.

Jessy Laying in the sun