Posted: Tuesday, Sep 29th, 2020

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Ventura’s Ten Best Coffee Shops


There may be no better place to enjoy a fine cup of coffee and an equally fine accouterment (maple bacon croissant anyone?) than Ventura.

Ventura defines the term neighborhood coffee house. Drip coffee, caramel macchiato, a classic americano… all familiar flavors with a local Ventura twist. Like our small beach town, drinking coffee is not meant to be rushed but savored and slowly enjoyed with a little bit of sand on your feet.

From unsuspecting coffee shops like Humblemaker Coffee Co. and newer local favorite spots like Kaapicat, there’s really no shortage of amazing brews. To help you choose which coffee shop you should choose for your next meeting, study sesh, or people-watching afternoon, we asked our local community members what their favorite coffee shop is in Ventura. And we all know that, no matter what your favorite, Ventura’s coffee scene is unique.

So without further ado, Ventura’s chosen favorites…

Ventura’s Ten Best Coffee Spots

#1 Simones Coffee & Tea

Ventura’s Ten Best Coffee Shops

Simone’s is a long-time local favorite. Serving local artisan coffees, roasted in small batches, for over twenty-three years they were a little off the tourist track (on the East end of town; where locals kept them hopping). Now they’ve opened another coffee house on Cabrillo Drive (next to Community Memorial Hospital). Either location is good for a slow savor.

#2 Prospect Coffee Roasters

Ventura’s Ten Best Coffee Shops

Prospect’s coffee bar is just a fun place to hang out, and plenty of locals know it. The coffees are great too. Behave yourself. The principal of the nearby middle school frequents the place.

#3 Singing Sun

Ventura’s Ten Best Coffee Shops

Singing Sun’s signature sunshine logo is the best indicator of what’s to come when you sip on one of their brews. Their coffee is the real deal and its sourced from farmers all around the world. Don’t neglect their gluten-free goodies either!

#4 Cafe Ficelle

Ventura’s Ten Best Coffee Shops

Family owned, it’s not much of a shocker that Cafe Ficelle made it on this list — Venturans truly can’t get enough of this unsuspecting cafe. A great space to work, eat, and enjoy, Cafe Ficelle has two locations in Ventura — one in Midtown Ventura by the Pacific View Mall, and its newest location on Main Street. Mmmm, you can almost taste their almond croissant along with an amazing cappuccino. Dreams can come true here at Cafe Ficelle.

#5 Lovewell Tea & Coffee

Ventura’s Ten Best Coffee Shops

Located on Ventura Avenue, if there is a more welcoming space, let us know. Owners Andrea and Emily are the heartbeats behind the place. Maybe a pumpkin pie latte to celebrate Fall? Hang out for the morning (or the whole afternoon) to work, chat, or just enjoy.

#6 Palermo


The sign out front states, “Coffee & Gelato,” which is your cue to try their amazing affogato (gelato, yummily drowned in espresso). They’re downtown on Main Street, which, happily,  is currently closed to car traffic but open to pedestrian traffic. Offering the opportunity to sip, nibble, people-watch and repeat. Slowly.

#7 Palm and Boy

10 best Coffee Shops in Ventura

Grab a coffee and enjoy a slow morning in the El Jardin courtyard, watching the sunlight stream through the ivy. With their cute latte art and picturesque courtyard, Palm and Boy is a local favorite clearly. And their acai bowls are a must-try, too.

#8 Butter and Fold

Butter and Fold

Located in a 100-year-old building, Butter and Fold hit the Ventura coffee scene as one of the newest cafes in town. Grab a cup of coffee and make sure you munch on one of their handmade small-batch French pastries which all use organic ingredients from local farmers markets.

#9 Humblemaker Coffee Co.

Ventura’s Ten Best Coffee Shops

Conveniently located right downtown, and founded by surfers, they fit right in with Ventura. Doesn’t hurt that their coffee is both delicious and innovative (try their healthily enhanced Cold Brew Coffee shots). Plus, they do good things, donating 10 percent of their net profits to support autism, and, money aside, helping kids with autism experience the lovely things in life — like surfing, music, and the great outdoors.

#10 Kaapicat


As you walk along Main Street, it’s hard to miss Kaapicat’s pretty blue door. Stop in, you won’t regret it! Cuisine inspired by South Indian flavors and traditions, Kaapicat serves a unique variety of authentic chai and mango lassi, along with the classic coffee drinks you know and love. Need a little late morning pick me up? Stop by for brunch where you can feast on a plate full of American and South Indian food, sip on a cup of coffee, and watch the world go by.

Honorable Mentions: Pete’s Breakfast House, Tatiana’s, and Immigrant Son Caffe

Last but certainly not least, we would be remiss if we didn’t do a special shout-out to these wonderful coffee spots in Ventura: Pete’s Breakfast House, Tatiana’s Coffee & Tea, and Immigrant Son Caffe. All amazing in their own right and equally a must-stop for coffee while you’re in Ventura.

And we always welcome late entries. If you have a favorite coffee shop, please chime in now. You’ll be doing everyone a favor.

But most of all, thank you for always supporting the small businesses we love!

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