Palm & Boy Coffee and Acai

Our story starts and ends with Ventura County. The name is the story of how we met and where we are. Palm: Ventura our home. The place we met, got married and are raising a family. Boy: Married the boy, had a boy and maybe another one coming. It’s our family.

We love food, community and well if you didn’t guess already… we love coffee. Our shop is just the beginning of our entrepreneur’s dreams. We’ve done the most with our spot. We know how to max out small spaced so hoping in the future to expand into something a little bigger and maybe expand our menu.

For now, this is home. We will work hard and try and make a difference in the world all while raising a family and serving our city coffee and bowls.

We thank you for eating local and supporting our family.

-Newschool G’s

Address 451 E Main St #8
Ventura, CA 93001

Bike Friendly Location

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