Posted: Monday, Jan 20th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

Ventura Has the Little Things That Matter

by Visit Ventura

We are about to offer you a few sighs. But before you click on the video and enjoy the lovely feel of your sighs, think, for a moment, about the things you love. Family. Friends. Community. Heart-racing natural beauty. Ease. Moments perfectly spent. If words were a math equation, you might sum these words up and get Ventura. Or maybe think of these truths as ingredients in a magical potion. Because a special kind of magic is what Ventura offers. Sometimes it is a world of noise and breakneck speed. But it isn’t really. The noise and speed, they’re just a curtain. All you have to do is pull it back. Ventura knows. Hear it in the whispered applause of eucalyptus leaves. Feel it in the softest touch of the sun on skin. Understand it when someone special reaches for your hand,

In this grand pageant we call life, it really is the little things that matter…


Cities are nice. But they don’t have the little things.

Like little traffic. Little noise. Little expense. Little moments.

Sure, there’s Golden Gate Park.  But there is also Grant Park.

Yes, there’s the San Diego Zoo. But you don’t always need a zoo.

Sure, cities have the buzz of marquee lights. But marquee isn’t the only kind of light.

Yes, cities have everything. But sometimes you just need one thing.

In Ventura, you can see the trees without the forest.

  Videos are nice. But they’re no substitute for the happy castanet click of palms, the lullaby of surf, and soft moonshine on the hills. Come see Ventura’s little things for yourself. When you do, you’ll realize that little isn’t small at all.

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