How Does Ventura Spell Merry Christmas?

by Visit Ventura


In this time like no other, some things remain timeless and unchanged.

How does Ventura spell Merry Christmas?

In a way that defines this season — and every other.

In a way that sees to the inevitable.

Light defeating dark.

M is for Magic. The magic of this, and every, season. Here in Ventura, and wherever you find yourself.

E is for everybody. Our Ventura family. Our global family.

R is for Resilience. Ventura has it. Humankind has it.

R is for Radiant. Ventura sunrises and sunsets. And everything between.

Y is for Yes. Yes, we can.


C is for Caring. It’s what Ventura has always done. It’s what so many are doing as you read this.

H is for Hope. Yes, these are the toughest of times. But the smallest dose of H is powerful medicine.

R is for Romance. Never lose sight of the romance of it all.

I is for Impact. You can make one.

S is for Selflessness. It elevates us. It surrounds us. Thank you, quiet heroes.

T is for Together. This time not literally, but very much figuratively.

M is for Magnificent. It’s what humanity can be.

A is for Attitude. It’s often the pendulum on which everything swings

S is for Smile. Share one with someone you know. Or, better yet, someone you don’t. A priceless, affordable gift.


The two last letters, they bear repeating. Sound them out.


Love and family and religion and … well, you can keep it going.

All fall under the umbrella of this most beautiful word.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Visit Ventura.