Posted: Thursday, Dec 24th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

How Does Ventura Spell Merry Christmas?


In this time like no other, some things remain timeless and unchanged.
How does Ventura spell Merry Christmas?
In a way that defines this season — and every other.
In a way that sees to the inevitable.
Light defeating dark.
How Does Ventura Spell Merry Christmas?
M is for Magic. The magic of this, and every, season. Here in Ventura, and wherever you find yourself.
E is for everybody. Our Ventura family. Our global family.
R is for Resilience. Ventura has it. Humankind has it.
R is for Radiant. Ventura sunrises and sunsets. And everything between.
Y is for Yes. Yes, we can.
C is for Caring. It’s what Ventura has always done. It’s what so many are doing as you read this.
H is for Hope. Yes, these are the toughest of times. But the smallest dose of H is powerful medicine.
R is for Romance. Never lose sight of the romance of it all.
I is for Impact. You can make one.
S is for Selflessness. It elevates us. It surrounds us. Thank you, quiet heroes.
T is for Together. This time not literally, but very much figuratively.
M is for Magnificent. It’s what humanity can be.
A is for Attitude. It’s often the pendulum on which everything swings
S is for Smile. Share one with someone you know. Or, better yet, someone you don’t. A priceless, affordable gift.
The two last letters, they bear repeating. Sound them out.
Love and family and religion and … well, you can keep it going.
All fall under the umbrella of this most beautiful word.
Merry Christmas from all of us at Visit Ventura.

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