Ventura Holiday Gift Ideas and a Free Ventura Tote!

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by Visit Ventura

Holiday gift ideas and Ventura products for sale

It’s that time of year and everybody is looking for the perfect gift! If the Ventura Visitor Center isn’t on your list, it should be.

Visitor Center’s are no longer only about maps and magnets. Ventura’s Visitor Center proudly breaks the mould. We hear it all day long: “This is the nicest Visitor Center I’ve ever seen!” If it’s been a while since you stopped by, you’re missing out. There are hundreds of gems to be found!

The Visitor Center in downtown Ventura has an exclusive selection of merchandise featuring Ventura’s ambigram brandmark (meaning it can be read upside down). It is beloved by many who keep Ventura close to their hearts. You can find it around the world shared by visitors wanting to take a piece of Ventura home, and Venturan’s wanting to carry a piece of home abroad.

The Visitor Center is the only place you will find co-branded Patagonia merchandise. For most, Patagonia brings to mind romantic visions of glaciers tumbling into fjords, jagged windswept peaks, gauchos, and condors. For Venturans, it brings a sense of hometown pride. Patagonia’s headquarters and flagship store in downtown Ventura do not only represent awesome outdoor gear but a commitment to community and protecting the environment that is mirrored in the hearts of all Venturans. Ventura-branded Patagonia clothing is much more than outerwear. It is a result of Patagonia’s commitment to Ventura as the home of its flagship store just down the street and represents Ventura’s pride in Patagonia’s simple and time-lasting values. It is in this spirit that Ventura Visitor Center and Patagonia invite you to wear their brandmarks, side-by-side, in these exclusive designs, knowing their values must also be carried within.

Looking for gifts you don’t need to try on? Water bottles are always popular, too, big enough to keep you hydrated, sleek enough to fit in your bag, and bright enough to stand out in the sand. Ventura sunglasses are easy gifts for both men and women, too, as are vintage metal or wood Ventura signs.

One of our most colorful gifts is a cozy serape (Latin shawl or blanket) with ‘Ventura, California’ embroidered in white. One of our most clever items are beach-perfect flip flops that leave ‘Ventura’ impressions in the sand. How fun is that?

And who doesn’t love a good mug? At the top of the Visitor Center’s best-seller list are ceramic mugs in ocean blue, lime green, or white. Not to mention beanies, tea towels, canvas prints, cutting boards, t-shirts, hats, baby onesies, backpacks, and much more!

And for those who need one last incentive, the Visitor Center is offering a FREE Ventura tote with every $25 purchase! This offer is valid from November 24th through December 31st.

Feeling inspired? Stop by Ventura Visitor Center today!