Posted: Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2016

By Visit Ventura

The gems among beach stones

by Visit Ventura

El Niño storms and high surf this winter have brought lots of treasures to our shores. Hidden among piles of stones are naturally sanded remnants of colorful beach glass. Although glistening hues of greens, yellows, pinks and blues, left behind by unrelenting waves, sparkle beautifully under the sun, beach glass is not a natural element in our beaches and seaglass hunters are not only collecting unparalleled gems, but also helping to clean up the beach in the process.

Now more than ever, warped by an El Niño twist of fate, Ventura’s beaches are a prime destination for seaglass hunting. Here are a few examples of beautifully simple seaglass art to inspire.
Create your own beach glass tree! Perhaps a family tree; each leaf represents someone special
Design sea glass flowers that bloom colorful petals, rain or shine

Send someone your love with a sea glass heart
Create beach glass art pieces that even makes chores look beautiful
Build a creative seaglass family portrait for you or a loved one
Cut out choice-shapes to decorate seaglass mosaics like these coastal hearts or seahorses

Celebrate the ocean that sanded your seaglass by fashioning fishies or whales

We hope these beautiful creations have inspired you to enjoy beach glass hunting at our beaches. Remember to share the Ventura seaglass art you create with #VisitVentura!
photo:Ama Strachan

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