Posted: Tuesday, Feb 23rd, 2016

By Visit Ventura

Beautifully simple art inspired by the beach

by Visit Ventura

  With so much seasonal rubble on Ventura’s beaches, we are inspired to share art by creative dabblers who celebrate our winter seaglass, driftwood, stone, and pebble squatters in beautifully simple art. We won’t be surprised if this beach-inspired blog sparks your creative side too, but before you head to the beach, keep in mind the regulations listed below to help us keep Ventura’s beaches beautiful. Capture love in a driftwood canoe
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Build an everlasting family portrait Paint stones for a uniquely personal tic-tac-toe Design unique beach-inspired decorations for your home
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Tell your story with beach gems and driftwood; whether bird watching or falling in love
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Commemorate something special with one of a kind beach finds

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On your next beach stroll, don’t forget to look down to discover inspiration for your next creative affair. Join us in finding beauty in our wildly untamed beach rubble and don’t forget to show #VisitVentura your works of art!   Please note: If you plan to source your art materials from Ventura beaches, remember there are regulations in place to protect our precious resources. Each person is permitted to remove 50lbs of beach wood per day. There is no limit on seaglass. It is categorized as rubbish and collecting it actually helps keep our beaches clean. The improvised forts between beach stones are safe havens for various species and should be respected. California State Parks makes an effort to maintain the natural state of stones in Ventura’s beaches to prevent further erosion, and encourages visitors to source their beach stones elsewhere. Photo: Jack Burleigh

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