Posted: Tuesday, Aug 29th, 2017

By Visit Ventura

A guide to (free!) parking in Ventura

Wondering where to park in Ventura and if there are any free parking spots left in southern California? Indeed there are! 2,900 free spots in downtown Ventura to be exact. Whether you’re going downtown, to the harbor, or the beach, Ventura has lots of free parking as well as a few paid parking spots for those looking to park on Main Street or at San Buenaventura State Beach Park.


In Ventura’s historic downtown, all streets perpendicular to Main Street between Chestnut and Figueroa streets offer free 4-hour or all-day lots north and south of Main Street. There is also a 5-level parking structure on Santa Clara Street between California and Chestnut that offers free all-day parking on the top 3 floors and free 4-hour parking on the bottom two floors. And when parking off Main Street is not an option, expect to pay $.50 per hour at parking meters, and $1 per hour on California Street.


Surfer’s Knoll and Mother’s Cove beaches at the harbor offer free parking lots at Ventura Harbor Village. Marina Park across from the harbor also offers a free parking lot at the end of Pierpont Blvd. When visiting San Buenaventura State Beach Park, parking costs the state park’s regular $10 all day fee. A free option is to park along Sanjon Road. Both sides of the street offer free parking and the median acts as a small free lot as well. When visiting the beach in downtown Ventura, there is a parking structure beside the pier. Parking can be validated at restaurants along the promenade or the pier, or at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. If not validated, parking rates apply at $2 per hour or $10 all day. Surfer’s love to park along Paseo de Playa (between California and Figueroa streets) which offers free all-day parking in front of Surfer’s Point. There are also free all-day spaces available along Shoreline Drive. They are in front of the ocean and have amazing views but for the same reason, they go fast. A little further down Shoreline Drive are more prime real estate spots where beachgoers like to sit in the back of their trucks with their music playing watching the surfers. This is a paid parking lot that will cost you $4 all day.


Ventura Harbor Village has lots of free parking spots that encircle the marina. Anyone visiting the shops and restaurants is welcome to use them. Some are 3-hour but there are also free all-day and overnight spots available around Island Packers for those visiting Channel Islands National Park.
For parking lot locations, check out the map below. Click on the arrow at the top left corner to view the legend.

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