Posted: Wednesday, Jul 8th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

Vegas Vs. Ventura. The Cards, Face Up, on the Table.

by Visit Ventura

  At first glance, about the only thing Vegas and Ventura have in common is a first letter. Kind of like pairing red wine with ice cream, or seating the Pope across from Dave Chappelle at dinner. Nightlife for one. The odds of leaving town with money still in your pocket for another. It’s true, Ventura and Vegas seem very different destinations. But are they? Just for the fun of it, we decided to place both the Vegas card and Ventura card on the table, and have an objective look … Vegas has a nightlife that rivals the best in the world, and so you might find yourself finishing the night by greeting the dawn. In Ventura, you begin the day by watching dawn spread itself over the Pacific. Dawns equally memorable.  

Vegas has lots of neon. Ventura is selective in its neon.

  Vegas has a strip. Now Ventura does too.      

Photo by Lucas Dorward


Vegas has shows. Ventura does too.

  Vegas has fountains. Ventura does too; some smaller and some, well, much bigger.    

In Vegas, you’ll need to make poolside reservations. In Ventura…

  Vegas has fancy cocktails. Ventura has fancy, affordable cocktails.    

In Vegas, you can fry an egg on the sidewalk.

In Ventura, we prefer our eggs cooked in a more civilized fashion,

and lightly seasoned with a cool sea breeze.

        Vegas has a wild life. Ventura has wildlife.             What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. What happens in Ventura, you can tell your grandchildren. They’ll want in too. Vegas has winners and losers. Ventura falls one short. Vegas has charms. Ventura has charms. When the time comes for safe travel, why not have a little fun and compare for yourself? Start with Ventura, then take what you saved and go to Vegas. What you do with those savings after that is your business.  

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