Posted: Thursday, May 9th, 2019

By Visit Ventura

Why You Should Spoil your Mom with a Ventura Mother’s Day

by Visit Ventura

Mothers are the ones who never stop caring. Mothers give to others. Forget the list; it’s ridiculous. There is something in their heart, some glorious alchemy that sees them offer Kleenex to a stranger, and makes them want to hold a crying child. Actually, the child doesn’t even have to be crying. Mothers work so very hard to make the world better. We can all learn from this. So yes, here in Ventura on Mother’s Day we will celebrate moms in every way we can; with brunches, beach walks, picnics, wine tastings (sometimes Moms need a drink), gifts, maybe a stroll through the Ventura Botanical Gardens (with a view that will lift even your mom’s enormous heart). But, if our mothers taught us well, we know that recognizing mothers on a single day is like decreeing the Sistine Chapel a drip castle.
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Here in Ventura, we know how to celebrate moms all year long (plus, that adds the fun of sneaky surprise). So why not a mob of song and dance and love, serenading unsuspecting moms (with their favorite songs) at Grant Park, Ventura City Hall and the Ventura Pier? Before you watch, maybe make sure your Mom is nearby with Kleenex. When your Mom has finished mopping up your face, decide how you’ll surprise her with a special Ventura Mother’s Day treat. Maybe a picnic at Marina Park or Arroyo Verde Park (yes, you’ll pack the picnic and watch the kids on the playground). Maybe a bike ride along the beachfront (if you don’t have bikes, rent them at Wheel Fun Rentals or Ventura Bike Depot). Maybe a day at the beach (if there’s a little wind, Mother’s Cove, near the mouth of Ventura Harbor, offers, well, protection). Or a bit of quiet time with locally-made wine at wineries like Plan B Wine Cellars and Four Brix Winery. And, of course, there’s the fine tradition of Mother’s Day brunch, spoilingly served at local favorites like Paradise Pantry, Cafe Nouveau, Traveler Cafe, and Allison’s Country Cafe, as well as Mother’s Day Brunch (once a year only) with a champagne-spilling 12th floor ocean panorama view at the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach. Mothers work so very hard to make someone else good. Show them that it worked.

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