Posted: Friday, May 8th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

Tell Us How You Love Your Mom — and Make Her Mother’s Day

by Visit Ventura

  They are the ones who never stop caring, who never stop giving, who never stop loving. Who never stop stunning us. With that last thought in mind, we are asking a simple thing. We would like you to share a few thoughts about your Mom. It doesn’t have to be long. It can be moving, funny, thoughtful, surprising, tear-jerking, or — given the topic is Moms — all of the preceding. It can just be a story. Or why — in these separate times — you miss your Mom. Or how — in these quarantine times — your Mom is (once again) your inspirational Superhuman. Teacher/shopper/bread winner/temple stroker/baker, smile maker, and virtual play date maker… You get the point. Anything about Mom goes. Folks have reached out to thank Ventura Moms before.   But you don’t have to go to such lengths. If you like, just tap out your thoughts below, giving your Mom a well-deserved kudo and a reason to smile, and maybe reason to believe that perhaps she’s doing a pretty good job. It’s always nice to tell her. Because a loving mother always doubts herself on every front except one. She knows she will never stop loving you. Telling us about your Mom might feel good for you too. Just typing this, and thinking about our own moms, makes us feel good — and helps us all realize what we sometimes forget. That there is good — and plenty of it. It’s funny about mothers. They give their whole life. And not just to you. There is something in their heart, some glorious alchemy that sees them offer Kleenex to a stranger, and makes them want to hold a crying child. Actually, the child doesn’t even have to be crying. In this, maybe mothers are giving another subtle lesson. Mothers work so very hard to make the lives of others good. And, by quietly demonstrating this selflessness, maybe they make others more selfless too. And there can never be enough selflessness. Any day is a good day to tell your Mom you love her. But today we’d like to give you the opportunity to tell her why. Thank you, Mom, for seeing the beautiful and good. And teaching us to do the same… Tell Us How You Love Your Mom -- and Make Her Mother’s Day (Timely footnote: Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent loosening of COVID-19 strictures has allowed some Ventura stores, florists among them, to open for curbside pickup. Please your mom — and help our local businesses. Two good deeds in one. But please maintain social distancing and stay safe.)

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