Posted: Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

It’s Takeout Tuesday. A Guide to Feeding the Whole Family…

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By Visit Ventura

America jump-started the takeout kindness with “The Great American Takeout” on Tuesday, March 24th. But Ventura knew it was about more than a day. Ever since then, kind Venturans — knowing our local restaurants need a boost — have run full speed with “Takeout Tuesdays” in a big way. Community gets community through challenging times. Ventura already knows that. So each Tuesday, we’re focusing on a particular facet of Ventura’s myriad, tasty eating (and drinking — coming soon) options. This week we turn our eye — and lucky taste buds — to restaurants to turn to if — no way to put this delicately — you’re feeding a hungry mob. And whatever we’re spotlighting on Takeout Tuesday, it’s the same idea. Here’s a way for us to support our local businesses — our friends and neighbors — and, happy coincidence, do something nice for ourselves. Now is the time to do what Ventura does best — help each other.
It's Takeout Tuesday. A Guide to Feeding the Whole Family...

Peirano’s Market & Delicatessen

And plenty of local restaurants cater to families. Peirano’s has “Family Meals to Go,” eight different complete meals to be exact; ranging from Spaghetti & Meatballs, to Fettucini Alfredo and Braised Short Ribs (yep kids, served with vegetables). Finney’s Crafthouse has a variety of family meals-cum-fun innovations, from an Appetizer Party to a Taco Party to individual Kid’s Make Your Own Pizza Kits (with crayons and coloring sheets in case the adults wisely decide to make the pizza instead). And plenty of other Ventura restaurants are in on family-size takeout; from The Greek’s family style platters (Ventura Harbor) to heaping platters of tri-tip, chicken, ribs and sides courtesy of long-time Ventura favorite, Marshall’s Bodacious Barbecue.
It's Takeout Tuesday. A Guide to Feeding the Whole Family...

Paradise Pantry

La Parrilla Yucatan Mexican Food (near Ventura College) offers seven family-style to go options, from a whole roasted chicken to a pound of tri-tip with beans, rice and tortillas sides. Parents, if you’re not feeling the spaghetti or pizza thing, go ahead and order it for the kids and then call Paradise Pantry and order your own romantic Orecchiette pasta dinner for two (Thursday through Saturday); orecchiette, organic vegetables (broccolini, asparagus, cauliflower & baby carrot) and mushroom in a creamy roasted garlic, charred leek, sage, wine & butter sauce topped with aged Parmesan. Ahhhh, don’t feel guilty — it would be wasted on the kids.
It's Takeout Tuesday. A Guide to Feeding the Whole Family...

Spencer Mackenzie’s

And some Ventura restaurants are just doing things family does. La Parrilla takes 15 percent off the order of anyone 65 and older. On “First Responder Tuesdays,” Spencer Makenzie’s takes 20 percent off the bill of every first responder. And, of course, there is the timeless family takeout staple. Raise your hand if you remember riding home in the backseat with the smell of pepperoni swimming everywhere. Ventura brims with some of the best pizza you’ll ever have — from Fluid State to Tony’s Pizzaria and Jimmy’s Slice. But that’s just a teaser — next Takeout Tuesday, look for our pizza blog Yes, these are challenging times. But challenging times often give rise to plenty of good things too Apron-wrapped Jim Rice, Peirano’s co-owner, stands out on the curb. Looking down a slightly different Main Street, he still smiles. “We’ve had to expand our business model to give Ventura what they need. In the long run we’re going to end up with a better business model.” Turning to go back in, he pauses. “We’re only going to get better and better.” So on Takeout Tuesday (though any day works) do something for your family — and our local restaurants. And, if you like, share a photo of your choice spread and tag us @visitventura.

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