Posted: Tuesday, Oct 13th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

It’s Takeout Tuesday: Why not Patronize a Classic Ventura Favorite?

by Visit Ventura

  This Takeout Tuesday we’re making things simple; offering up classic Ventura favorites that have stood the test of time. Another way of saying, you just can’t go wrong with these establishments. They’ve been keeping locals and visitors happy for a loooooonnnnng time. And speaking of happy, it makes us happy when our locals and visitors support Local. It why we started Takeout Tuesdays. Yes, these are hard times. But community gets community through hard times. We’ve done it before. We’ll do it again.
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Seafood right off the boat — courtesy of commercial fishing boats a dock away (there’s also an attached seafood market) — Andria’s sits on the water in Ventura Harbor. Family run since 1982, Andria’s serves hot, heaping portions. The menu has expanded considerably over the years, but the classic go-to remains clam chowder, made from scratch daily, in a sourdough bread bowl. Don’t be afraid of the lines. They’re used to dealing with crowds.  
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On Main Street, across from Ventura High School, Pete’s has been serving breakfast to Ventura since 1981. When the original owner, Pete Ransom, sold his place to Peter and Lyndsay Timpson in 2003, the three agreed to keep Ransom’s recipes and let no employee go. It’s that kind of place. Two Pete’s classics; pancakes made with fresh buttermilk and topped with homemade strawberry jam and, the piece de resistance, fresh-baked biscuits with gravy. Life’s short; save the muesli for some other time.  
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Tony’s has been with Ventura since 1958. Tony (actually, Johnny “Tony” Barrios) has passed (the man had the gift of gab — he’s missed), but his charm still inhabits the whimsical pizza shack, and so does the thin crust pizza that even pizza snobs from Chicago and New York rave about. More fun still, Tony’s is a block from the waves at C-Street. Plenty of surfers have finished the perfect day with perfect pizza. Be aware, a one-oven shack only moves so fast. It’s worth the wait.  
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1958 was a good year; Casa de Soria arrived in Ventura at 
the same time as Tony’s with heaping servings of authentic Mexican-style food and fun drinks (adult customers, try the Casa Rita) – their refried beans are a local favorite. They’ve also kept up with health-conscious times, replacing traditional saturated lard with low-fat cooking alternatives. It tastes just as good. The chile relleno (your choice of pasilla chile) will leave a lifetime impression on your taste buds.  
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The original owner, Brian Trenwith, was a Brit with a tremendous sense of fun. Over 30 years later, his legacy lives on. With local and touring performers, the Bombay got lively and loud on weekends (fueled by a first-rate bar and a wide selection of beers, many of them local). Things are a bit different now (and the bon temps will return), so now is the perfect time to enjoy their deservedly famous burgers followed by a stroll down California Street to the beach.  
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Marshall’s is nothing fancy to look at (though the giant rooster on the roof is eye-catching) which is often exactly where the best barbecue is tucked away (in Marshall’s case, on a frontage road off the 101 freeway). Barbecue lovers are a savagely opinionated lot, but anyone who eats here will agree that their ribs, chicken, and tri-tip stand with the best. Over many years, Marshall has developed his own signature spices and sauces, applying them 
to melt-in-your-mouth meats.  
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Near the end of Seaward Avenue, Duke’s is a stone’s throw from the ocean.  The sign says “Beach Food, Island Attitude” and that sums it up (in other times less correct times it once said, also appropriately, “Best Buns on the Beach”). Duke’s serves seafood (try the seared ahi tacos), but the half-pound burgers have always been their calling card — try the Whole Ball of Wax (bacon, avocado, American cheese).     Shopping, dining, hiking, beach-going, beer-quaffing, wine-tasting, and all manner of fun in the sun (because that’s what Ventura does best). Want to know (almost) everything about Ventura? Please order our FREE Ventura Inspiration Guide here.

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