Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Co.

Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Co.
Hello, my name is John Karayan. My wife Jennifer and I own and operate Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Company. Being a family-owned seafood restaurant, we named it after our two oldest children. Our son Spencer & our daughter Makenzie.

Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Company, LLC, started out as a fairground and festival concession trailer in May of 2007. Its popularity was quickly established with attendees at events such as The Ventura County Fair (where we won the Best Food Concessionaire Award), The Aloha Festival and The C Street Long Board Classic.

The concept for the restaurant and trailer had been an idea of mine for 20 years. During that time, I perfected our Ceviche and Giant Fish Tacos into the unique recipes that have become “the Spencer Makenzie way”. When Jennifer and I started creating the full restaurant menu our main goals were to offer high quality, healthful food at consumer-friendly prices. We wanted to provide a tastier, healthier alternative to the so-called “Fast Food” of the taco/hamburger chain variety. All of our tempura is hand dipped to order and is served crispy, hot and delicious.

We use only sushi grade fish in our seafood menu items. That’s why it always tastes so fresh. Our vegetables are bought from produce wholesalers that are known for the freshness of their products. Ninety percent of our sauces and 100% of our salsas are homemade, and so is our clam chowder.

Along with health consciousness, going “Green” is very important to us as well. All of the cooking oil we use (which is 0 Trans fat) is turned into biodiesel fuel for vehicles. Our plates, cups, and utensils are biodegradable/compostable.

Our family and our restaurant staff thank you all for your support! You, our customers, are always our #1 Priority!

Address 806 E. Thompson Blvd.
Ventura, CA 93001

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