A Guide to BBQing in Ventura

Image courtesy of Ventura Meat Company.

By Michelle Madsen

Summer and BBQ go together like me and avocado. In other words, they’re best friends. Next time you BBQ for the family reunion or a casual lunch, skip the supermarket and hit the local spots for supplies.

Ventura Meat Company. Selling grass-fed meat is what this place is all about. Artificial ingredients? Forget about it. You can find ground beef, NY strip, tri-tip, pork tenderloin, Italian sausages, and much more. Remember to take a gander at the raw honey, organic dairy, and nut butters, too. The Ventura Meat Company never sacrifices quality for quantity.

Santa Cruz Market. Another excellent local option, the Santa Cruz Market offers chicken legs, mild sausage, carne asada, kabob (with spices!), and a whole lot more.  But that’s not all–try falafel or schwarma while you’re there!  Sandwiches and desserts are also available. This is a truly unique market with more than just meat to its name, so check it out.

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Andria’s Seafood. Fry up some fish alongside your burger. For the freshest catch in Ventura, Andria’s has you covered. Located in Ventura Harbor Village, you will find that the market in this restaurant will put you in the seafood mood.

Supplies, check. Location? If you’re tired of BBQing in your own backyard, head to a family-friendly park for your grilling pleasure.


San Buenaventura State Beach Park. Delicious food AND a view to boot? Everybody wins. Take advantage of the grills here while you enjoy a most delightful day by the sea. After all, what’s better than a coastal cookout?

Camino Real Park. Spacious picnic areas make this park a welcoming place to hang out and relish an all-American BBQ. Let the kids frolic on the playground and play games in the open grass area.

Arroyo Verde Park. With free parking on weekdays, this park is ideal for your next BBQ. The atmosphere is inviting and there are grills to go around.