The Ventura Meat Company

The Ventura Meat Company is the first sustainable butcher shop serving Ventura residents with grass-fed beef, organic poultry, and pasture-raised pork.  The Ventura Meat Company’s aims to source exclusively from small, family-owned farms. The Ventura Meat Company is a locally-owned business run by Owner/Operator Michael Buckley.

Come by and taste the difference

The Ventura Meat Company’s mission is to provide sustainably raised meats to the Ventura community.

To us sustainable means:

  • Humanely treated livestock
  • Access to ample pasture
  • Livestock fed their natural and obligate diets
Our respect for sustainable farming, is only matched by our respect for our customers.  We will strive on a daily basis to maintain the highest levels of customer service.  Any question or concern will be met with honesty and gratitude.