Posted: Wednesday, Jul 19th, 2023

By Visit Ventura

An Xtremely Warm and Kind Ventura Welcome

This weekend opportunity becomes a reality as Ventura warmly welcomes the world. Because Ventura can go big in a small-town way.


How often does a world-class event come to a town?

How often do elite athletes – the best and the most daring –  arrive in Ventura, high wire-strung, to perform in one of the biggest competitions of their lives?

How often are spectators guaranteed aerial pyrotechnics to eclipse any Fourth of July?

And how often do we Venturans get the chance to showcase Ventura’s world-class kindness on a global stage?

This Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday opportunity becomes reality when X Games California arrives, quite literally, on Ventura’s shores (at the Ventura County Fairgrounds). And that buzzsaw frenzy of adrenaline will draw extreme sports lovers from around the world, offering Venturans the chance to do one of the things Ventura does best. 

Small town welcome in a Big Time way. 

Yes, for a few days our town won’t be its sleepy Southern California self. Yes, there may be a few inconveniences. But here lies one more opportunity.

The simple chance to extend a heartfelt welcome to our fellow travelers.

Have you ever been a stranger in a strange land? Have you ever relied on the kindness of strangers? And when someone stepped up to help you – or just plain made you feel welcome – do you remember how that made you feel? Travel can be a little unsettling. And then a local smiles a warm smile, offers a word of help, and, poof, just like that, the world is a brighter place. The joy we all hope to find when we travel, there it is, swelling in our hearts.

What we want for ourselves as travelers, how could we not wish that for someone else? 

And good vibes are contagious.

Added beauty, this takes pretty much no effort on the part of the locals. You know where to find the best burrito, the best place to enjoy a cold local beer, and how to get from downtown up to Grant Park for the view. It’s why we live here.

And speaking of living here, if you do, you know it’s a special place. Yep the burritos, the beers, the views, the waves, help make it so. But really, Ventura is about our people. Those of us so lucky to live here, we know this place is home to a special and genuine breed; folks who can light up your life. Think of your friends. Feels good. Case closed. 

This coming weekend will see a flood of happy out-of-town visitors. Things will be a little different. But ask yourself this. How hard is it to be nice to someone for a few moments, or, in the case of the X Games, a long weekend? And how nice is it, when you are the traveler and someone extends a hand to you? 

And really, it’s not about a weekend. It’s not about the X Games. It’s about this world we share, and perhaps always trying to be a little better than ourselves. Getting a little extra air.

For it is as simple as it sounds.

Kindness and a warm welcome makes everyone’s world a better place. 

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