Posted: Wednesday, Jun 10th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

What’s the Very First Ventura Thing You’ll Do? (Part 3)

So. We reached out to you — and you responded in a way even we couldn’t have imagined. We asked you what will be the very first thing you’ll do when we can all return to Ventura in full, and Ventura, in full, returns to us. A fun way to look to a future that will certainly come. Your answers poured in in droves. Below, you’ll find some of your answers — and, yep, some great inside tips. Some kept it beautifully simple (“Run to the water.”) Others were more philosophical. Plenty were hungry and thirsty. We’re sorry we couldn’t include all your answers. Making this as good a time as any to thank you — our kind followers — for being you. We are grateful for you, and grateful to you. We create these blogs — and all our other content — to inform, to uplift and inspire, to entertain, to make life just a little bit better. We’re not going to change the world, but for a moment we would like to make your world better. A small gift between friends. Here’s what we wrote in our first “First Thing You’ll Do” blog. “What’s the very first Ventura thing you’ll do? Dreaming is good, because some dreams come true. Returning to a wide open Ventura, for one. We’re not there yet, but the day will come, and, when it does, just for fun we’d love to hear what’s the very first thing you’ll do. After spreading your arms to the sky…” You make us spread our arms to the sky. Thank you, from the entire Visit Ventura team. And, if you didn’t weigh in yet, well we’d love to hear your “first thing” right now. Here’s what some of our wonderful followers said…  

Photo by Jack Burleigh

  Visit The Cross, beach then HAPPY HOUR at LURE! Susan Pollard      
  Walk to the end of the pier and, with a big smile, take a deep breath. Lisa Cole

Photo by Kamilo Bustamante

  See a concert at the Majestic Theater. Richard Bannister

Eat at Pete’s breakfast house then hit the beach! Olivia Lirosi


Photo by Lucas Dorward

  Buy some fish tacos from the Pier and relax either on the beach or up at the Cross. Alejandra Jungo

Walk down Main Street, go to the movies, eat at Rice by Mama, and shop at all the cute stores. Tabitha Hottendorf


Photo by Kamilo Bustamante

  Get cornbread at the Cajun Kitchen, then a bike ride down to the beach. Erik Johnston  

  Grassroots Yoga, ride the bike path out to Emma Wood, and beers at Topa Topa. Alex Doll  

Photo by Jeff Bartlett

  Run to the water. Cassandra Garcia


Photo by Kamilo Bustamante

Dinner at Aloha Steakhouse, then drinks downtown. Jestin Cornelison

  Walk on the Pier with my little brother, and look at the sea in silence. Yohan Grandin

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