Posted: Wednesday, Jun 24th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

What’s the Very First Ventura Thing You’ll Do? (Part 4)

When COVID-19 first altered our world, we decided to take the brighter road — asking you, our wonderful followers and fellow Ventura lovers, what would be the very first thing you would do when you could return to Ventura in full. Now we can return to our Ventura in almost full (social distancing and masks are still very much part of our lives). But the answers our kind followers gave us still offer a look at the wealth of offerings — large and small — that comprise Ventura’s magic. And those answers, which poured in in droves, also reflect the magic of you, our kind followers. We are grateful for you, and grateful to you. We create these blogs — and all our other content — to inform, to uplift and inspire, to entertain, to make life just a little bit better. We’re not going to change the world, but for a moment we would like to put a happy sigh in your world. A small gift between friends. So here, a few more fun tips between friends. Some friends kept it beautifully simple (“Go to Corrales!”). Others looked out for others (“I like to order lunch and sit at The Point with my Mother to eat…”) Some answers came from near; some from far. Some might provoke indigestion. Some were exceedingly tranquil (see the very last First Thing). And — telling — almost every answer came with exclamation marks. We understand. We love this town too.    

Photo by Maya Sacks

Meet up with my dear local friends in person and head to Plan B Winery for live music, gourmet cheese trays and wine tasting. Andrea Contarino        

Photo by Kamilo Bustamante

Hit all of the breweries with my friends and eat our way through downtown!!! Marilyn Pena

Take an Island Packers boat out to Santa Cruz or Anacapa Island and go snorkeling!! Christina Kennedy        

Go to Corrales! Elisabeth Foulks

Book a Room at Bella Maggiore and lay out on the beach all day! Jessica Rodriguez

I just love walking on Main Street and shopping at all the local businesses. So, the first thing I want to do is have an awesome breakfast at Café Nouveau, followed by a hike at the Botanical Gardens and then a stroll down Main Street. Probably end the day with a great meal at Paradise Pantry. Love this town, so lucky to live here. Ted McRae


The ocean and Spencer MaKenzies…I’m driving from Idaho in 2 weeks just to see the ocean. Angela Havice


Photo by Jack Burleigh

Beach!, Of course! But Ventura has so much to offer. This week I’m going to start the mural tour with my grandson. We love to visit all of the city parks especially the new Kellogg Park! Each park has something a little different. We also love downtown, the harbor, and, of course, the Botanical Gardens and Cross!! Sandy Yanez

Take a picnic and sit in the little sand hills in Ventura across from the Ventura Harbor! Then shop at the harbor shops!! Jennifer Siebers


Photo by Michelle Evans

I like to order lunch and sit at The Point with my Mother to eat. She loves watching the Surfers and People walking by Stacey Gleason

Sunrise on the beach collecting sea glass. Kara Mattice

      Shopping, dining, hiking, beach-going, beer-quaffing, wine-tasting, and all manner of fun in the sun (because that’s what Ventura does best). Want to know (almost) everything about Ventura? Please order our FREE 2020 Ventura Inspiration Guide here.

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