Posted: Tuesday, Apr 20th, 2021

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Ventura’s Top Munchies

Nutrition is all well and good, but — how do we put this delicately — life is short, and lima beans are overrated.

If it’s fun food you desire, Ventura has your answer.

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Social Tap

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Social Tap Nachos

Chips, pinto beans, poblano cheese, manchego cheese, pepper jack, pico de Gallo, cheddar jack, cotija, guacamole and scallions. Ohhhhhhhh …

Himalaya Restaurant Ventura

Himalaya’s Silver Burrito

No, not the strangest cultural marriage. Yes, chicken tikka masala curry, wrapped lovingly in garlic naan for a little sweet/spicy/garlicky kick.

Lalo’s Fast Food

lalos street taco photo by Mike Laan

Lalo’s street taco

Any Lalo’s taco, washed down with a large agua de Horchata. Oh yea, also great onion rings. Not your traditional pairing. Points for thinking outside the box. And consider continuing to sample down Ventura’s Taco Trail. You may be up for it.

Main Street Meats

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Tri-Tip sandwich

They smoke it slow, then slice it thin and lean…


fluid state pizza

From Jimmy’s Slice, to LLC Imports, to Topper’s, to Tony’s, Ventura has your cheesy dripping slice. Maybe more than one.

Spencer Makenzie’s Fish Company

Spencers ahi pocket

Spencer’s Makenzie’s Ahi pocket

You don’t have time to wander around the menu. We’ll save you the trouble. It’s under appetizers — a mildly sweet tofu pocket stuffed with sushi rice, and topped with “Dynamite” sauce & Blackened Ahi Tuna.

Banh-Mi Grill

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Banh-mi sandwich

Yes, heaven has a sandwich and it’s called Banh Mi; pickled veggies, mouthwatering baguette and an insert, traditionally, of pork, but beef, chicken, chicken liver, deli meats, or even meatballs work too. 

Fatty Vegan

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They’ve got a vegan beer shake, which you’re not likely to find in too many places. Also plenty of other inspiring options for vegans.

Thompson Donuts

Thompson donut

Terrific donuts, fair prices, and friendly owners who won’t question your order of two dozen bear claws.

Ex Voto Chocolates and Confections

ex voto ice cream

Everyone raves about their overall quality, but you might want to apply laser-like focus to their toasted marshmallow topping. Traditionally served on top of ice cream, but who are we to tell you what to do?

Surf N’ Yogurt

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One of life’s simple pleasure. Pick your yogurt, then paint your masterpiece topping, beginning with the chewy (mochi and gummy sharks).

Coastal Cone

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Unicorn poop. Unless you have your own unicorn, you can only get it here; soft serve ice cream in flavors ranging from Dole Pineapple Whip, to Unicorn Cake Batter and Sweet Potato Ube.

Plus the colors are cool to look at.

Andria’s Seafood Restaurant and Market

Andria's Seafood

Andria’s has a host of healthy broiled seafood dishes. Nah. Order the Original Fish and Chips or the Fish Burger and Chips. Your lucky day, chips are fries.

Danny’s Deli & Grill

Danny's Deli

One word. Reuben. One possible add on. Snatch a homemade pie to go. What happens in the privacy of your own home is your own business.

Two Trees Restaurant and Taps

Two trees restaurant

Chorizo Burger

Angus beef and chorizo, chipotle aioli, jack cheese, tomato and on a fresh baked brioche butter bun. Go ahead and slap an egg on top.

Beach House Taco

beach house taco photo mike laan

Beach House Tacos

A symphony for the senses. Sitting at the foot of the Ventura Pier, close your eyes. Inhale the tang of creosote, the hint of brine, and the cool of the sea. Taste the sweet pop of spicy aioli sauce ladled over a hot fish taco. Open your eyes before it all drips down your front.

Cajun Kitchen

Cajun Kitchen beignet


Again, one word. Beignets. People go on and on (justifiably) about beignets but basically they’re French doughnuts. Made with a yeasted, sweetened dough, once allowed to rise they are cut into squares, fried, and liberally doused in powdered sugar. They also produce an admirable powdered sugar mustache that’s good for laughs.

Marshall’s Bodacious Barbecue

marshals bbq ventura

Ain’t fancy to look at (though the giant rooster on the roof is eye-catching), but no one comes here for the view. They come for ribs, chicken and tri-tip that stand with the best you’ll ever have.

Rice by Mama

Ventura’s Top Munchies

No, salad is not a traditional munchy, but perhaps by now you’ve picked up the non-conformist theme. Rice by Mama’s larb salad features chili-lime dressing tossed with diced red onion, green onion, cilantro, grated rice powder, and fresh mint; rounded out by chicken or pork.

Santa Cruz Market

schwarma santa cruz market


Their shawarmas are mouthwatering; chicken, lamb and tri tip cooked perfectly, cut thin, and served in a saucy wrap.

Caribbean Haven

Caribbean heaven

Meat eater’s, two words. Jerk Chicken. Vegans, jerk cauliflower sandwich. Imagine the spice.  

Cafe Ficelle

cafe ficelle

You’re not going to get better pastries unless you go to France. Pastry is French for complete satisfaction.

Top This Chocolate

Top this chocolate

Oh, the places you can go. They let you make your own chocolate bar. Providing you the rare opportunity to sample a chocolate bar topped with goldfish chips and gummy worms. 

Jolly Oyster

Jolly oyster

Operating out of trailer parked in San Buenaventura State Beach Park, The Jolly Oyster sells fresh, sustainably grown oysters and clams still in the shell, and you can eat them, dripping fingers and all, right there on picnic tables with a head-clearing sea breeze.

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