Please Share (the need for) Ventura Love

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Now is when we really need to help each other.

Yes, there is finally hope on the horizon, and we should take that hope and run with it. But the honest facts remain hard. That bright horizon is distant. We don’t even know how distant. But here’s the thing about horizons. You can walk towards them, step by step. Day by day. Purchase by purchase. Takeout meal by takeout meal.

Which is why we came up with the “Shop Ventura, Save Ventura, Love Ventura” logo you see here. It’s a simple reminder that the simple act of caring will save our local businesses. Venturans know how to care. We’ve supported each other in hard times before.

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But it never hurts to have a reminder.

So, if you like, please print up this logo and put it in your storefront window. Or on your front counter. Or on your front lawn. Or on the front of a t-shirt. Or front and center on your social channels (Thank you, Matiz Salon, for already doing that before we even asked! To change your profile image, please click here). Wherever you like to get the message front and center. To remind all of us that this is a very special town that looks out for each other.

That, in helping each other, we will get through this.