Posted: Wednesday, Jun 3rd, 2015

By Visit Ventura

Local Ice That’s Twice as Nice

By Michelle Madsen

Ice cream–we can’t get enough of it. Maybe you have a go-to place in Ventura already, or maybe you’re an ice cream shop hopper like me. This summer, treat yourself to one (or all!) of these fantastic ice cream joints only found in our neck of the woods.

Coastal Cone. If you’ve ever been to the Ventura Harbor, you’ve probably seen this adorable place with the larger-than-life cone in the front. It’s basically nostalgia for anyone who enjoyed one of more than 30 flavors in a homemade waffle cone as a child. Today they serve dole whips that are made to impress. With the water in full view, Coastal Cone easily gains loyal fans. Visit Coastal Cone for more information plus photos that will tempt you further.

Coastal Cone

Join the dole whip craze!

Sunflowers on the Square. I can’t stress enough how much people love not only the ice cream but also the baked goods here. Did you know they have cookie butter ice cream? Go try it! We tried the dark chocolate cherry bourbon and did not disappoint. There are also coffee, tea, and savory items. If you get hooked, they also cater weddings and other special events. Check out our link for more details. Grab a treat and everything will be coming up…well, sunflowers.

IMG_2852 copy

Dark chocolate cherry bourbon.

Palermo. A well-loved coffee and gelato shop, Palermo graces downtown Ventura with its lovely atmosphere. This shop comes complete with wifi and gifts to complement its 18-flavor selection of gelato. You can get chocolate (my favorite flavor every time) or even pistachio, for instance. If you’re feeling wild, get an affogato, an espresso shot poured over ice cream. You’ll be awake for days. Get details about Palermo here.


Fresh gelato. Photo by Kamilo Bustamante, Brooks Institute.

McConnell’s. Located near the Pacific View Mall, McConnell’s offers unique flavors like salted caramel chip and Turkish coffee for appealing prices. Word on the street is that they’re generous with not only portions, but samples, too. To top it all off, they’re eco-friendly. McConnell’s uses biodegradable cups, so you can enjoy your rich dessert without guilt. Learn more about this popular ice cream spot here.


Strawberry rhubarb milk jam. Courtesy of McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream.

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