Posted: Thursday, Jun 16th, 2016

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Iced in Ventura

By Claire Adams

Ice cream and sweets are common weak spots for the majority of people. Everyone likes to indulge themselves every now and then, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! What follows is a list of several places in Ventura where you can stop by and enjoy some delicious ice cream.

Coastal Cone, Ventura Harbor Village

You will certainly give your taste buds a nice dose of pleasure if you visit Coastal Cone. It is located right on the coast, in the harbor, to be more precise. Besides their world famous homemade waffle cones and over 40 various ice-cream flavors, they also feature Dole’s original pineapple whip made famous by Disneyland! Get a delicious treat at Coastal Cone and go for a nice stroll through the harbor for an ideal Sunday afternoon.Iced in Ventura

Palermo, Downtown Ventura

You will find delicious ice cream, coffee, tea, and frozen yogurt at Palermo. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating and has a fun gift shop where you can buy books, candles, mugs, cards, etc. The staff is very friendly and the service is quick.

Café Nouveau, Midtown Ventura

If you are looking for a truly genuine experience, you should pay Café Nouveau a visit. It is a café that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, located in a residential neighborhood in a house that used to be a private residence. The interior is decorated in a quirky Midwestern style. Café Nouveau has indoor and outdoor seating areas, the latter surrounded by a Mediterranean-style garden. Apart from splendid ice cream, this place also offers a wide selection of various meals from American and Italian cuisine and an award-winning wine list.

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams, Midtown Ventura

Those of you looking to treat yourselves with fine ice cream or frozen yogurt should go to McConnell’s, founded back in 1949. They have kept the same approach for 70 years and still make their ice cream from the best local, sustainable, and organic ingredients. You will be surprised every time you visit McConnell’s as they change their menu on a daily basis.

 Surf’N Yogurt, South Seaward, and East Ventura

Surf’N Yogurt offers various ice creams and frozen yogurts. This place is an excellent choice if you are looking for a little taste as they charge by the weight. There is no indoor seating at Surf’N Yogurt, but it is a great place to grab something to go because the ocean and the beach are nearby. There is also a bike parking area as well as an area for dogs.

Yogurtland, Midtown Ventura

For a wider selection try Yogurtland. They offer over 200 unique flavors, each one created by their very own flavorologist. They also feature gluten and sugar-free choices and there are sample cups so anyone can try as many as they wish.

The Choices in Ventura Are Numerous

Ventura offers a variety of places which anyone who adores ice cream can visit and enjoy. I hope you will find your favorite place when cold, creamy ice cream is essential for surviving hot summer days.

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