Posted: Monday, Jul 10th, 2017

By Visit Ventura

How to stay cool in Ventura

by Sing Weist

Since Ventura is so close to the coast, there is always a cool breeze that comes through town. But, if you’re looking to cool down while exploring Ventura, there are multiple places that allow you to enjoy the summer weather while keeping cool. Many of the locals around Ventura head to the beach first. We have multiple beach options that offer ample parking with sand and ocean that stretches for miles. You can roll out your towel and jump into the low to mid 60°F water. Explore beaches like San Buenaventura State Beach Park, Emma Wood State Beach Park, Faria Beach, Surfer’s Point Beach, Surfer’s Knoll Beach, and many more!
How to stay cool in Ventura

Photo by Visit Ventura

Ice cream is always a must on a warm, summer day! Coastal Cone or McConnells Fine Ice Cream are absolutely delicious on a hot day. With multiple flavors that you wouldn’t find in your neighborhood supermarket, they help cool you down with flavors that will sway you to have to order that second scoop. You ready to build your own frozen yogurt concoction? Surf N’ Yogurt offers multiple toppings to make sure that you get everything you want on your build-you-own frozen yogurt. There are multiple flavors to choose from to pair perfectly with whatever topping you choose! It’s a dog-friendly location, so feel free to enjoy your frozen yogurt outside with your best friend.
How to stay cool in Ventura

Photo by Josiah Roe

Lastly, on a hot summer day, a great way to cool down is with a tropical beverage. Ventiki Tiki Lounge and Lanai offers classic tiki drinks that range from Mai Tai to Blue Hawaii, Zombie, Hurricane, and many more! As stated on their website, it is “an island oasis in downtown Ventura.” Escape from the summer heat and order a tropical drink to pair with your port sliders, ahi tuna rolls, and other delicious island delicacies.
How to stay cool in Ventura

Photo by Maya Sacks

Ventura is absolutely beautiful in the summer! Come relax by the ocean, cool down with delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt options, or grab a drink at the Ventiki Tiki Lounge, or do them all during your next summer weekend getaway!

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