Posted: Thursday, Aug 29th, 2019

By Visit Ventura

How Does Ventura Rank When it Comes to Surf Towns?

by Visit Ventura Featured image by Kamilo Bustamante

Surfer Magazine once (we believe rightly)ranked Ventura as the eighth-best surf town in America.

In their selection, the folks at Surfer got plenty right about the spirit, and surf, in our town.
“…More taquerias than tapas, more donuts than avocado toast, more local IPA than Santa Ynez pinots. This is a surf all day, grab a burrito or burger kinda joint. They do the basics here and they do them very well…”
surf spencer mackenzies fish tacos ventura

Image by Josiah Roe

“… Ventura has enough variety to offer a little something for every surfer: points, punchy beach breaks, even an offshore, deepwater reef…”
As any surfer knows, the world is filled with glorious surf locales, from Byron Bay, Australia (Oz isn’t a bad continent overall) to Hossegor, France (providing the fine excuse for wine sampling and croissant consuming) to Bundoran, Ireland (bring your woolies), to Skeleton Bay, Namibia (don’t expect amenities).
surfing surfers point ventura

Image by Brianna Diamond

In short, when it comes to surfing, the problem is a happy one — there are great waves in hundreds of places. Making the job of surf locale ranker a difficult to thankless one. Kind of like ranking beautiful people. Or finding an objective Yelp review. September 20th is California Surfing Day. If there’s a better place to celebrate the beautiful lifestyle that is surfing than California, well, you’re probably reading yet another subjective surf spots ranking, or sticking up for your own. Both of which are fine. Precisely why, here in Ventura, we know exactly where we rank as a surf town, and precisely where we want to be.

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