Posted: Thursday, Sep 14th, 2017

By Visit Ventura

Surfer Magazine Ranks Ventura the 8th Best Surf Town in America!

Surfer Magazine sees Ventura as…

More taquerias than tapas, more donuts than avocado toast, more local IPA than Santa Ynez pinots. This is a surf all day, grab a burrito or burger kinda joint. They do the basics here and they do them very well.

We couldn’t agree more. In their latest rankings of the 10 best American surf towns, Surfer has placed Ventura in the number eight spot, ahead of two other popular surf towns, Huntington Beach and Kill Devil Hills. It helps that…

Ventura has enough variety to offer a little something for every surfer: points, punchy beachbreaks, even an offshore, deepwater reef.

Congratulations Ventura! Here’s to keeping that small town humble charm and not letting best of lists get to our heads. Whether you’re a local surfer or passing by in search of new waves, always be respectful to other surfers, our ocean, our beach, and our community.
Read the full article here.
Photo by Woodworth via Surfer

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