“Feel Good Friday.” Support Local Retailers and Help Our Friends.

By Visit Ventura


Now is the time to do what Ventura does best — help each other. So we are asking you, our kind and loyal Venturans, to do what you can (within your own means) to support our local, homegrown businesses. It’s a proud fact — roughly ninety percent of our businesses are locally owned. They are our friends and neighbors. Sometimes they are our family. They might even be you.

Visit Ventura has been working hard to do our part to help all our local friends through these difficult times. We started “Takeout Tuesdays” (for our restaurants), and “Thirsty Thursdays” (for our breweries/wineries/spirits/and even chocolatiers).

“Feel Good Fridays,” launched last week, are the next right thing. They’re as simple as they look. Pick a Friday (or honestly, any day of the week), and do what you can to support a local retailer.

As we all know, some restrictions are easing. Many of our local retailers have been working hard to survive via online sales and curbside pickup. Those options are continuing, but beginning this week some of our local retailers are opening for in-store shopping. Things are evolving as you read this, so best to check the individual business website to see how they are handling this new limited opening phase.

None of this is easy for our retailers. So many complications to manage; complications added to an already stressful situation. So we are Calling All Venturans to do the next kind thing. What nicer way for all of us to help our neighborhood retailers than helping in a small way to see them through these difficult times? Small things add up. And when Venturans pitch in, the small things add up fast. We know this from past experience.

And, let’s be honest, it’s not all self-sacrifice on our part. Our town is home to lovely one-of-a-kind stores. This isn’t a marketing blurb — it’s the truth. Shop Tiki Girl, Buffalo Exchange, Kariella, Latitudes Fine Art Gallery, Fox Fine Jewelry, Ormachea Jewelry, Passport Habits, The Refill Shoppe, Reves de Sabine, Barefoot Boutique, Hats Unlimited, B. On Main, Contrast, Betty Belts, Folke, Findings Market, Walden Surfboards, Ventura Surf Shop and our own Ventura Visitors Center gift shop… all wholly unique. All with a local face behind the counter, doing everything in their power to keep things going.

Let’s make it a little easier for them. Whether it’s a curbside pickup, an online order, or an in store purchase — it matters.

To celebrate “Feel Good Fridays,” we’ll also be doing regular Facebook Lives, featuring our local friends. Today at 11 am on Visit Ventura’s Facebook page we’ll be talking with ice cream Da Vinci Alex Hong of Coastal Cone.

In the necessary absence of visitors, our businesses need a new kind of visitor. One that knows the true meaning behind 805.

Community gets community through hard times.

But you already know that.