Calling All Venturans

Now is the time to do what Ventura does best — help each other. So we are asking you, our loyal, caring, one-of-a-kind Venturans, to do what you can to support our local businesses in these challenging times. As you know, roughly ninety percent of our businesses are locally owned. They are our friends and neighbors. Sometimes they are our family.

Calling All Venturans

Visit Ventura has been working hard to do our part to help all our local friends. We started “Takeout Tuesdays” (for our restaurants), “Thirsty Thursdays” (for our breweries/wineries/spirits/and even chocolatiers), and “Feel Good Fridays” (for our local businesses that are offering online sales/curbside pickup/soft openings). So pick a Tuesday, a Thursday, a Friday — or honestly, any day(s) — and do what you can to Support Local.

On our end we will do our best to keep you updated on which businesses are open — and eager for your business. We will also continue our weekly “Thirsty Thursdays” and “Feel Good Fridays” Facebook Lives, featuring our local friends.

Calling All Venturans

In the necessary absence of visitors, our businesses need a new kind of visitor. One that knows the true meaning behind 805.

Community gets community through hard times.

But we already know that.

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