Posted: Thursday, Mar 30th, 2017

By Visit Ventura

A Dog’s Dream

by Rebecca Kajumba

It’s about time you bring your furry best friend on your next trip to Ventura. Now let’s take a minute to put ourselves in the shoes… excuse me, paws of a dog and think of all the places they’d like to explore in Ventura.

Running wild & free

Ventura has a couple of parks that allow you to run and play without your leash. Arroyo Verde also has off-leash hours from 6:00 am-9: 00 am Tuesday – Sunday that allow you to embrace your doggy instincts and run for miles, play catch and even go hiking with your human. Camino Real Park is also another fun off-leash park from dawn to dusk you could check out. The Ventura Botanical Gardens also welcomes furry friends Tuesday and Wednesdays! ventura botanical gardens dog friendly

Enjoy long walks on the beach

Just like everyone else I love walking on the beach, better yet runs are my absolute favorite. The smell of the ocean as the breeze blows through my fur and sunshine on my coat, what more could a dog want. San Buenaventura State Beach, Marina Park and Harbor Cove are some of the spots you could go and enjoy the sand beneath your paws. ventura beach dog friendly

Wine and dine your canine

All that running around sure does work up an appetite. Ventura has several restaurants that accommodate pets. There are even some restaurants that have doggie menus. Barrelhouse 101 and The Parlor offer meals menus just for dogs.
dog ventura pet friendly

Image by Michelle Evans

When you do come to visit lovely Ventura, bring your pets and let them explore all these spots.

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