Posted: Monday, Sep 3rd, 2018

By Visit Ventura

Car-Free Ventura: Pet-friendly Edition

By Chanhee Kang

Ventura is an extremely pet-friendly city full of people who love their furry companions. You can see a lot of four-legged friends and their humans wherever you go; downtown, the beach, and even walking in front of your hotel! In short, Ventura is a great destination for people who like to travel with their pets.

The most worrying thing when people make travel plans is that sometimes we have to leave our pets behind. After all, they are part of the family! Instead of finding a pet sitter, I strongly recommend considering Ventura for a summer vacation with your adorable pet. Car-Free Ventura: Pet-friendly Edition Here are a few ideas for exploring around Ventura with pets. Walk and run along endless beaches, have meals at various pet-friendly restaurants downtown, many of which already have water bowls and treats for pets! And, don’t forget the chance to go to Ventura Harbor which is full of charming and unique finds. Rent pedal boats, kayaks and more with your pet! Car-Free Ventura: Pet-friendly Edition In this super pet-friendly city, you can go anywhere and do anything! Car-Free Ventura: Pet-friendly Edition Read more on pet-friendly restaurants, parks, attractions, and hotels in Ventura, Ca!

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