10 Uniquely Visit Ventura Gifts for Under $20

by Visit Ventura


Yes there is good news, even in these challenging times. For one thing, Ventura businesses are improvising in impossibly creative — and bargain-inducing — ways.

Visit Ventura is no exception. We’ve been working harder than ever to make shopping easier than ever — for both locals and our many out-of-town friends. For starters, we’ve created a vastly expanded online store. The gifts you love — coastal, Ventura-inspired apparel, accessories, home decor and, yes, face masks decorated with our wholly unique Ventura ambigram logo — they’re all just a click away. And we’ll happily ship those gifts to you (free shipping on orders over $50).

And more good news, whether you order online or come in (the Visitor Center is open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 am to 3 pm), we’ve also expanded our ever-popular affordable offerings under $20. Our Ventura Distressed Mug ($10) has long been a best-seller (because who wouldn’t want to wake up to Ventura every morning?). But now it has some serious competition from our Ventura ambigram face masks ($12), (because here in Ventura — and anywhere — wearing is caring).

It’s true, a few of our under $20 items are only available in-store, but see that as an opportunity to see all the other things we have — and pick up a free Ventura ambigram sticker. In-store only items under $20 include hometown Blue Ridge honey ($8 to $10), in a rainbow of flavors, including avocado, orange, sage, and wildflower varieties. Also only in-store, lovely, hand-crafted sea glass earrings ($7.50 to $12.50), and, it gets no cuter, Ventura Infant Onesies ($14.95).

Your under $20 online (and in-store) options? Plenty. Maybe a Ventura branded Trucker Cap ($19.95)? Or our popular Ventura branded frisbee ($10)? Or lovely, hypnotic wind chimes in assorted designs ($14.50)? Or beachy tea towels ($12.00). Or Ventura Koozies ($3.50) to keep those tasty craft beverages at just the right temperature. Also online, and under $20, you’ll find Tote Bags ($9.50), Ventura Sunglasses ($6.99), and our hugely popular Surfboard Keychains ($6.99), which, happily, also function as bottle openers. Could be paired nicely with a Koozie.

Fussy math sorts might notice that that’s more than ten items, but frankly, in some instances, numbers don’t have to add up.

With the exception of adding up savings.