Posted: Tuesday, Nov 29th, 2022

By Visit Ventura

Four Delicious Craft Mocktails You Have to Try in Ventura

Yes, there’s always a cause to celebrate in sunny Ventura, California. Great weather? Check. Uncrowded and beautiful beaches? Check. Spectacular sunsets every evening? Check. And did I mention amazing green spaces to bike, hike, and play til’ your heart’s content? That’s definitely a check.

 The only difficult part about celebrating over a drink is trying to make a decision about which bar or restaurant to hang out at. 

Ventura is quickly becoming the place to be when you want to have a night out on the town or a casual and relaxed get-together with friends. Craft cocktails that are not only delicious but gorgeous are what we do best here in Ventura. And those of us who are the designated driver or just don’t feel like having an alcoholic beverage aren’t left out of the fun either in Ventura. Craft mocktails and nonalcoholic beverages are becoming increasingly popular and Ventura is delivering! So calling all mocktail enthusiasts (or those of us who want a cool nonalcoholic drink): here are four delicious craft mocktails you have to try in Ventura. 

Bank of Italy Cocktail Trust
A Spa Day, Vacation by the Sea, and An Autumn in Ventura

cocktail trust mocktails

Bank of Italy Cocktail Trust offers a great variety of nonalcoholic options from Italian bitter sodas to bespoke mocktails. To wake up the afternoon, try A Spa Day, a delightful combination of fresh ginger, cucumber cordial, and hydrating soda water with a pretty mint garnish. Vacation by the Sea is a gorgeous fresh strawberry and pineapple cordial with light and bubbly soda water. It’s subtly sweet with a twist of tart pineapple to bring the beach to Main Street! Lastly, An Autumn in Ventura includes house-made orange and apple caramel cordial with topo chico. It’s definitely a non-alcoholic dream to settle into a crisp autumn afternoon. 

Rocks and Drams
Just For You, Penicillin, and East Side Gimlet

rocks and drams mocktails

Talk about gorgeous mocktails! Rocks and Drams has a great selection of nonalcoholic drinks and no one will be able to tell the difference. Just For You is a beautiful pink drink with raspberry orgeat, tropical tea, lime, and elderflower tonic. You won’t be able to taste the difference as you drink Penicillin, a drink with grapefruit juice, bay leaf honey, ginger syrup, and lemon juice. And finally, the East Side Gimlet bursts with vibrant and revitalizing flavors of cucumber, mint, herbal green tea, elderflower tonic, and lime juice. The best part? All three drinks are made of in-house tea, seeped by the Rocks and Drams team themselves. 

The Twist on Main
Run Run Rudolph and Strawberry Fields

twist on main mocktail

Enjoy live local music and craft mocktails from The Twist on Main. Run Run Rudolph is a delicious mocktail made with crushed cranberries (you can watch the bartender crush them right in front of you!), blackberries, simple syrup, lemon juice, and soda. Strawberry Fields is perfect to refresh the afternoon with the simple but scrumptious flavors of strawberry, mint, and soda.

Ventiki Tiki Lounge and Lanai
Menehune Cooler

ventiki mocktail

Ventiki has making visually stunning drinks down to a science. Though known for their killer cocktails, Ventiki’s Menehune Cooler mocktail shouldn’t be dismissed. A taste of summer, the Menehune Cooler perfectly combines the flavors of pineapple juice, grenadine, coconut, and soda. For fans of a classic pina colada, the Menehune Cooler might be considered the non-alcoholic sister drink to it!

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