Ventura Hotels Green Initiatives

Our partner hotels love our city and our local scenery which recently made Ventura County the most desirable county to live in across the USA! It’s this pride that breeds their passion for sustainability and encourages their commitment to green initiatives. Read below to learn more about each hotel’s green initiatives.

marriott ventura beach

Comprehensive recycling program for glass, plastics, cardboard, batteries, light bulbs and paper products.

Cooking oil re-use program utilizing old cooking fats as bio-fuels for a local trucking fleet.

Organics recycling program that deploys separate bins for food waste used in partnership with EJ Harrison and Agromin for composting and energy.

Detailed daily utility tracking for water, natural gas and electricity.

Replacement of all guestroom HVAC thermostats with new energy saving model realizing energy savings estimated at $30,000 per year.

Bath & Body Works guestroom amenities, made of 90% naturally derived ingredients, eco-friendly & biodegradable.

Utilization of LED lighting in place of incandescent bulbs in all of the guestrooms and combination of LED and compact fluorescent in public areas.

The landscaping consists mainly of plants and trees native to our area which require little irrigation.

Active participation in Southern California Edison’s demand response program which advises of peak usage times in order to cut the energy consumption during those peak times.

Installation of the building automation system incorporating HVAC controls over most of the public areas. This system allows to program heating and cooling needs for maximum efficiency.

Upgrade of lighting fixtures in administrative areas installing more efficient T-8 florescent fixtures.

For long term stays, reduction of the linen wash to every 3 days rather than changing the linens everyday.

Cleaning chemicals designated “Green” cleaners.

Replacement of all gas fueled boilers with lower emission units.

All of natural gas boilers monitored by an outside entity to review and adjust for efficiency.

Marriott’s Retro Commissioning Program (MRCx) is a company wide program dedicated to fine tuning hotels and hotel systems to run more efficiently.

Marriott has recently partnered with the state of Amazonas in Brazil to help protect 1.4 million acres of rainforest in the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve.

Food / organic waste composting.

Recycling glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, and aluminum.

Utilization of recycled paper for scratch paper.

Recycling for clean the world project.

Electronic device in-room for lights, “Energy saving”.

Water conserving fixtures throughout the hotel.

Energy efficient lights throughout hotel.

Reclaimed water for landscaping.

Green choice for housekeeping “reward the guest for choosing to conserve natural resources in their guest room”.

All computers are turned off when not in use.

Use of remanufactured or recycled copier toner and recycle old toners.

Energy efficient office equipment.

Energy efficient refrigerators and cooking equipment.

Preventative maintenance.

Energy efficient A/C units.

Use of unbleached and or chlorine-free paper and plastic products with recycled content.

Use of recyclable to-go containers and beverage cups.

Give Restaurant’s used cooking oil for use as alternative fuel.

All cleaners are pressurized spray cans instead of aerosol cans so not to harm the ozone “Green Housekeeping”.

Authorized hazardous waste disposal bi-month with the city of Ventura.

Recycle discarded soap and shampoo.

Active in 30/20 by 20 reduces 30% energy, 20% water by 2020.


In the process of replacing all standard lighting to LED

Timers or sensors on all storage area and stairwells along with outside lighting

Air conditioners and lighting turned off when guestrooms are unoccupied

Programmable thermostats in meeting rooms and offices

Energy STAR efficient heating elements

Energy STAR air conditioners installed in rooms

Low flow hand washing sinks- 5 pm

Low flow toilets- 1.28 gallon

Low flow shower heads in all guestrooms

Linens in rooms not changed during guest stay unless requested

Water served in the restaurant on request only

Water landscaping and grounds only 2 days weekly

Offices use 30% recycled, FSC Certified paper products

Styrofoam-free disposable to-go food and beverage containers

Separate cardboard from other recycles in their own bin.

Recycle bins placed in all offices, meeting rooms and kitchens.

Participate in Ventura’s Food Waste Recycling Program where food scraps get collected and used to be mixed with yard waste for composting

Disposable of grease and oil in specialized bins that are then collected to use for bio-diesel

Kitchen use only grass fed beef and cage free eggs from sustainable farms

Use of recycled content paper products such as napkins, paper towels, and bath tissue

Purchase of promotional products from eco-friendly vendors

Exclusive use of earth-friendly cleaning products such as sanitizers, laundry detergents, and all-purpose cleaners.

Kitchen and Laundry facilities use low temp washing systems to reduce the use of natural gas  consumption

Aqua Bar and Lounge is Green Certified