Wonderfully Victorious Wedding Venues

by Elizabeth Silva

Ventura, California, the exquisite city between iridescent oceans and majestic mountains. With all of its beauty and talent, Ventura will certainly provide the wedding of your dreams. Ventura offers some of the most memorable and best wedding venues that will bring you true joy to remember for years to come. Here are some of the most lovely wedding venues in Ventura:

Wedgewood Ventura

The Wedgewood Ventura is an ideal wedding venue for couples that wish to have either an outdoor garden or beach ceremony. You can choose either one. The reception will be hosted in a banquet hall that has rightfully earned The Wedgewood Ventura the “Ventura Country’s Best Banquet Facility” award every single year since 2001. This wedding venue is known for its attentive staff that accomplish in making this the wedding of your dreams due to its one event policy. The venue only hosts one event at a time so you won’t have to stress or share the limelight and focus on your very special day with your soulmate. The location offers breathtaking views and sights which will enhance your wedding experience. Also, the venue will be perfect if you wish for a small, medium or large wedding since its maximum guest capacity is 350 guests. They offer many wedding packages that are flexible and accommodating so your wedding will be a success.

Ventura Beach Marriott

This is for the couples that adore luxury, elegance and eloquence. This is perfect for having a wedding that will create memories of class and romance. This is a 4 star hotel so high quality is a guarantee. With the majestic decorum, the lovely lighting, and the many available event spaces, you are guaranteed to find the perfect space ideal for your wedding. If you are planning to host a grand, large wedding this is the perfect match for you due its largest available event space having a maximum capacity for 850 guests. However, this is ideal for all kinds of weddings ranging from intimate to lavish.

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The Crowne Plaza

This is a perfect wedding location. This has all the things that you could ever wish for. If you have a dream wedding, this is the place for you! If you wish to have the perfect beach wedding, this the optimal choice, with its helpful, talented staff and they will attentively do their best to ensure that your wedding fulfills your vision. You can have a ceremony on the beach, so when you walk towards your beloved, you will be able to not only feel the pure love but the pure ocean breeze. One the best features of this venue is the “Top of the Harbor” ballroom on the top floor that offers a 360 degree view on the ocean, which will be an absolutely breathtaking sight.

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Clocktower Inn

This is a superb location for your perfect wedding. This is the place where you can have all of your wedding wishes come true. The staff will work with you and do their very best to plan and conduct a priceless wedding that will ensure you to always remember it fondly and happily. The architecture, the style, is just so in synch with its rustic, southwest feel and atmosphere that adds an element of coziness and comfort which works in harmony for a stylish, memorable wedding.

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The wedding of your dreams is just waiting right around the corner!