Find Your Wave: 4 can’t-miss surf spots in Ventura

C Street (California Street)

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Located near Ventura Pier, this is the go-to spot for locals and visitors alike. C Street has one of the most consistent waves in Southern California and every surfer knows it. It can get crowded but be polite and wait your turn. Because your turn will come.


Just north of Ventura, Mondo’s is an easy wave; soft and peeling equal long rides. This is a good spot for beginners.

Emma Wood State Park

North of town, Emma Wood is a popular beach break. The wave can be steep and fast, surfers launching up and off the wave, precisely why surfers like legendary local Dane Reynolds honed their aerial game here. Think it’s impossible to flip upside down in the air, land back on the wave, and keep riding? Think again.


Up the road from Mondo’s, tucked just inside the Ventura County border, Rincon is often called the Queen of the California coast. On the right swell, the cobbled point break offers some of the world’s best waves — fast, hollow, and long — and it draws some of the world’s best surfers. It’s a great place to surf on a small day. And it’s a great place to sit on the beach and watch when the waves march through like perfect unfolding mountains.