Posted: Thursday, Jan 4th, 2024

By Visit Ventura

What’s New in Ventura, CA? New Events and Businesses You Have to Check Out in January 2024

What’s new in Ventura? Well, there seems to always be something new going on in town. Whether it is a new event or a new business in Ventura, our small beach town is the perfect place for adventurers looking for an unexpected and new path to follow. And to no one’s surprise, we love to keep you up to date on what’s new in Ventura. To start the new year off right, we welcome four new businesses in town. And we’ve added some events and new happenings to look forward to as well. 

Read on to learn more about new businesses and events this January. 

Back Bench Pizza

Back Bench Pizza

When you walk into Back Bench Pizza, the delicious smell of sourdough fills the air. The pizza shop is rooted in owner Travis’s love for sourdough— he started making his own sourdough bread back in his punk band days. All pizza from Back Bench is made on sourdough bread with homemade vegan sauce. All produce is sourced locally from the Ventura farmers’ markets. Ask for the delicious ranch that’s also vegan and homemade to dip your pizza in!

Happy Accidents Wine Co.

Happy Accidents Wine Co.

Owners Alyssa and Eric have been dreaming of opening their own winery since 2016. Seven years later, Alyssa and Eric opened the doors to Happy Accidents on Main Street. Serving experimental wine in a self-proclaimed “avante garde” style with bottles that just about anyone can enjoy, it’s easy to find a seat with your friend on the cozy couch indoors or sit outside on the patio to people-watch and relax. Plus treat yourself to one of their wine slushies or wine on tap.  

Hotel San Buena

Hotel San Buena
Courtesy of Stephen Schafer

Ventura’s newest boutique hotel is now open! With 32 beautiful guest rooms including luxurious suites, Hotel San Buena is where historic turns iconic. Originally built in 1928, the former Ventura Elks Lodge has been transformed into a new boutique hotel, perfect for your next vacation to Ventura or event. Much of the unique architecture of the original building has been preserved and reused, making a stay at the Hotel San Buena an experience, not just a place to sleep.  

Clemente Baking Company

Clemente Baking Company
Courtesy of Clemente Baking Company

Founded in 2020, Clemente Baking Company has been on the rise since day one. The small batch bakery specializing in organic hand-made sourdough bread is all about experimenting with flavors, creating handcrafted goodies, and serving delicious treats. They take pride in using top-notch, locally sourced ingredients for all their recipes.

Winter Whale Watching

whale diving at the islands
Photo by Lotti Keenan

From now until mid-April, our waters transform into a prime destination for whale-watching enthusiasts. Book your winter whale-watching cruise via Island Packers and witness the annual migration of gray whales. These majestic marine creatures travel along the Pacific coastline on their way to warmer breeding grounds. And you never know what other marine life you might see on a whale-watching trip — keep your eyes open for incredible sights!

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