Posted: Tuesday, Oct 27th, 2020

By Visit Ventura

A Halloween Heap of Tasty Ventura Fall Treats

by Visit Ventura

Yes smart alecks, Ventura has seasons. In Fall, Ventura’s stars pop a little more. Our sea breeze comes with a little more chill (admittedly a relative term in Southern California). Our sunsets come with a whole lot more blood orange. And with these changes — and yes, the arrival of Halloween — our thoughts turn to comfort foods, innovative food creations, and, maybe your favorite, yummy-sweet treats. Because life is short and diets are, well, boring.
Pacific by Noru Pumpkin Pie Margarita ~ house made pumpkin pie filling. splash of citrus. Top shelf Tequila of your choice
So this Takeout Tuesday we are turning our taste buds in Fall’s direction because our local restaurants have more than risen to the creative task. Witness Paradise Pantry’s Fall Market Bag, the perfect romantic grab and go to accompany that blood orange sunset — on into those popping stars. Or Harvest Cafe’s roasted pumpkin salad (Fall isn’t just candy) and (okay, if you must have sweet) raw pumpkin pie. Frankly, regarding Fall treats, Ventura’s culinary options are almost endless.
Paradise Pantry Fall Wine Pack
And, though this week’s Takeout Tuesday is unique, the critical underlying premise remains the same. Please support your Ventura restaurants. Here at Visit Ventura, we’ve been running with “Takeout Tuesdays” since March. Yes, nine months. And Ventura’s restaurants — most of them owned by our friends and neighbors, because we’re that kind of town — sorely need our help over this long haul. So please, let’s keep the Ventura Love going. On Takeout Tuesday — or, for that matter, any day of the week — please do what you can to help, whether it’s sampling your own pumpkin pie or treating your whole family to a round of desserts for dinner (you’re an adult now; all the rules are off). Whatever you do to help, every little bit of help matters. Greatly. Thank you. From us. And, more importantly, from Ventura’s restauranteurs. Now — time to make some selections from the Tasty Treat menu…
Pumpkin Pancakes
Pete’s Breakfast
Cranberry Walnut Bread
Kay’s Coffee Shop
Maple Spice Latte
Kay’s Coffee Shop
“Good Fortune” Latte
Singing Sun Coffee
Fall Latte
Immigrant’s Son Caffe
Pumpkin Latte
Lovewell Tea and Coffee
Maple Ginger Snap Latte
Beacon Coffee
Harvest Salad
Allison’s Country Cafe
Roasted Pumpkin Salad
Harvest Cafe Ventura
Raw Pumpkin Pie
Harvest Cafe Ventura
Fall Market Bag
Paradise Pantry
Butternut Squash and Lobster Ravioli
Pacific by Noru
Cali Common
Topa Topa Brewing Company
Pumpkin Pie Margarita
Pacific by Noru
Vegan Tamale
Sea Ranger Food Station
Oktoberfest Lagers
Rincon Brewery
Beer and Candy Pairing
Poseidon Brewing Company
One Bad Apple with Forager Bourbon and Apple Cider
Rumfish y Vino
Salted Caramel Marshmallow Creme Frogs and Owls
Ex Voto Chocolates
Chocolate Bar
Top This Chocolate
Pumpkin Pie Soft Serve and Ube Twist
Coastal Cone
Social Tap
Thanksgiving quesadilla
Top This Chocolate Halloween Goodie Bag
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