Posted: Tuesday, Jun 13th, 2023

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Sadie Engelhardt: Running to History

Sadie Engelhardt likes to run. A lot. The Ventura High School student clocks in roughly 35 miles a week. And while her impressive routine might sound daunting to most, for the rising cross country star, “endurance training and fitness has always been a thing for me,” she says.

Engelhardt has been setting state and national records, racking up such accolades as becoming the California State Champion and All-Time Record holder in the 1600 meter at the 2022 Arcadia Invitation. Needless to say, this young lady is going places — and fast.

And the record-breaking events haven’t slowed down for Sadie. At the 2023 CIP State track and field championships in Clovis, Sadie achieved a historic state championship double in the 1600 meter and the 800 meter. To top it off, Sadie also set the meet record in 4 minutes, 33.45 seconds during the 1600 meters. Phew.

This hasn’t been done since 1975 by Kathy Costello of Pleasant Hill competed and won the mile and 880 yards.

History made indeed.

Sadie Engelhardt: Running to History
Courtesy of Nick Degeorge

Her love of running began in eighth grade when she started running just for conditioning for her first love — soccer. When did she realize that she wasn’t just a runner but had the potential to become the runner? When she ran a 4:40 mile, blowing herself (and everyone else) away.

Sadie says she’s lucky to live in Ventura where the weather is “perfect” for training.

“There’s a top runner from South Dakota and he can’t even get outside to run most of the time,” Sadie says. “I’m very very fortunate to be in Ventura and to have this amazing weather and also I can pretty much get any terrain within 10 minutes.”

All eyes are on Sadie and what she’s going to do next. And Sadie welcomes the pressure with open arms.

The expectations and pressure is a “blessing” Sadie says. It drives her to do more. And ultimately, Sadie added, the history she’s making is for her. Not for anyone else. The mindset of a champion.

Sadie Engelhardt
Courtesy of Nick Degeorge

Around town and statewide, the name Sadie Engelhardt is quickly becoming associated with the title “cross country and track celebrity.” But saying the words Sadie and celebrity in the same sentence makes her laugh.

“I’m still not used to it,” she said. “I think it’s crazy that people look up to me in any way…I’m living out my little self dream…everyone wants to be famous.”

Sadie may not consider herself a celebrity but there’s no doubt people are quickly starting to pay attention to her. This summer, the world’s leading athletic sportswear company Nike is inviting top high school athletes to Eugene, Oregon for a sponsorship event and Sadie is one of them.

When she’s not winning or setting new race times, you can often find her training with her team around town.

“We run a lot Downtown and along the promenade,” she says of her favorite places to run.

And her least favorite?

“Harmon Canyon,” she laughs. “Those hills!”

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