Shopping and More Along the Harbor of Ventura, California

by Elaine Donovan

Ventura Swimwear in the Harbor can accommodate women of all ages and sizes. The owner is usually in the shop, and is a middle-aged woman, like myself. I have purchased suits from her over the years, and she always seems to find me something that makes me feel good about myself, in record time. The last time I went there, was prior to a trip to Hawaii, and I had gained six pounds. I mentioned to her, that I might want to see the new retro-style that is making a comeback. She immediately went to work, pulling suits off the rack, getting me set-up in a dressing room, and bringing me different sizes. She also will do alterations for free, if the fit is not quite right. Within 20 minutes, I was leaving with a suit in hand, and feeling great about myself!!! Top THAT Macy’s!!!