Posted: Tuesday, Feb 1st, 2022

By Visit Ventura

The Ventura Visitor Center Gift Shop Has Your Valentine Love

Love is in the sunny-bright Ventura air and the Ventura Visitor Center has what you need to help it blossom. True, different loves have different tastes – and we have you covered for all of them. Your love prefers cozy, stylish clothes? Perhaps a Ventura branded Patagonia vest topped with a red knit beanie. Looking for something wholly unique? Maybe an iconic Steve Thomas art print, a Ventura Spirits flask, or a women’s coastal design t-shirt. And why not toss in a couple coastal fragrance candles for both of you, since love is, after all, about impulse.

Tea-Stained Trucker Cap

Our lightly distressed, tea-stained trucker hats are super comfortable with mesh back panels and an adjustable back snap for best fit. Shop now

Vintage Coastal T-Shirt

A new twist on our women’s vintage t-shirt – a new design that, in a few colorful strokes, encapsulates Ventura’s happy wealth of surf and sun.  Shop now

Coastal Fragrance Collection

The coastal collection of fragrance products capture the ultimate seaside scents, reminding you of where you’d like to be most days.  

Shop now

Patagonia Vest

This incredibly lightweight, Ventura-branded vest features all of the quality and innovation you expect from Patagonia. 

Shop now


Stephanie loves the visual arts because they can transcend language and culture and cultivate inspiration.  She seeks to create photographic interpretations that inspire the viewer to pause, take a closer look and see something ordinary in a new way or something extraordinary for the first time. In this way, she connects us to the beauty around us and ultimately connects us to one another. Ventura and the California coast are a non-stop source of beauty and inspiration for Stephanie, with everyday an adventure, a chance to seek out the special places, people and scenery that fill our hearts with joy.

Knit Beanie

This year- round, unisex  beanie is a super soft material and designed to be one size fits most.  Shop now

Ventura Spirits Flask

As far as quality and style, this stainless steel Ventura Spirits hip flask can’t be beat.  Shop now

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