Posted: Tuesday, Dec 16th, 2014

By Visit Ventura

Sunny’s Ride

By Sunny Oberto

Hi, My name is Sunny Oberto.  I have been a resident of Ventura, CA  for 15 years.  I find Ventura to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever lived.  I grew up in NJ, lived in PA for a few years and then moved to CA.  I am 49 years young and have two amazing children.  They are currently attending Cabrillo Middle School. I am a very active, fitness minded and healthy lifestyle addict.  I am fit for the future and always in motion.  You have probably seen me out and about all around Ventura getting my exercise on.  It’s what I do!! I am also a photographer, artist, healthy food chef & fitness coach.  I have been told by many that I shine and that my name suits me perfectly.  I have inspired other folks in many ways and I am very proud of that. These blog entries are dedicated to sharing my weekly journey around Ventura, my activities of choice, the beauty that I see along the way and the people I meet while I am out and about.  I hope you enjoy it!!  And most of all, I hope you will join me on one of my outings!! Let me introduce you to my bicycle, “Sunny’s Ride”. It’s a 1940’s Schwinn, weighs a ton and is a slow and steady cruiser. This morning’s sky caught my eye with it’s beautiful pink clouds at sunrise. I felt the urge to hop on my cruiser and ride. I traveled a new route today. I recently moved and this was my first solo ride from my new location. I traveled down Thompson Blvd. and took in the surroundings of my new neighborhood. I turned down Sanjon and headed for the bike path. The sky and the clouds did not disappoint!! I stopped at the Ventura Pier to take it all in. I continued up to the point and sat down on a bench to read a bit. I am trying to practice being still in my heart and in my mind. Meditation is something I have not mastered but continue to work on. A young man came along and stood up on a rock in front of the bench I was sitting on. He began to meditate. He was amazing to watch. He could completely turn off all the outside noise and focus on his breathing. He sat in silence without moving for at least 20 minuets. I often struggle with becoming perfectly still. He inspired me to keep working on my technique. When he finished, he looked at me and smiled as if he was sent to me to show me how to improve my skills. There were no words spoken between us. I find moments like this to be truly a gift and a reminder that all is falling into place around me. My journey is moving me in the right direction. Today I am thankful for being focused on the present and being aware that things happen for a reason.

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