Posted: Thursday, Sep 22nd, 2016

By Jennifer Talt-Lundin

A Guide to Stand-Up Paddle Boarding at Ventura Harbor Village

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is a fun core workout and a unique way to view wildlife. Learn the hottest trend and enjoy some time in the sun at Ventura Harbor Village! Just down the ramp from famous Coastal Cone Ice Cream, Ventura Boat Rentals is open daily and has a variety of board rentals for varying levels of ability. Lucky for you, they are master paddle boarders and are more than willing to help you learn. Here are some tips to make your experience enjoyable in Ventura Harbor!

How to Hold the Paddle


Your blade should be facing forward, sloping away from you. A common beginner’s mistake is to hold it the opposite way.
Plant your blade fully in the water, before you start to pull. Take a long stroke and let your back muscles do the work.

Which hand goes on top?

If you’re paddling on the right, your left hand should be on top of the grip, and vice versa. Switch your top grip each time you switch sides for a seamless effort.

Ready Position


Keep your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, back straight.
Engage your core muscles to make your strokes most effective.
Look at the horizon, not at your feet. You will maintain your balance by keeping your head up and back straight.
Make sure to wiggle your toes and move your feet. Breathe.
Take rests if needed, sit and kneel are good ways to give your body a quick rest.

Choose the Right Stand-Up Paddle Board:



Try the YOLO Yak. This board is super stable, tracks straight, and is the SUP for the first timer!

Next Step Up:


Try the Nalu (by Ocean Kayaks) or a Jimmy Styks.
SUPing is easy and fun with these steady boards!

Give it a try!

With these basics, you’re ready to get on the water! Get started at Ventura Boat Rentals where you will head out for a fun paddle through the Ventura Harbor and Ventura Keys along the homes on the waterfront. All ages welcome! And dogs too! Check out the Village boutiques and restaurants while you’re here. This is the perfect location to grab a refreshing drink and dine seaside following your paddle at Ventura Harbor Village.
Reservations are not required. For more information and rental rates, visit or call Ventura Boat Rentals at (805) 642-7753.

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