Surfing for beginners

By Bennett Cvijanovich

It’s never too late, or too soon, to learn how to surf. Here are some tips that will help you get started.

1. Wetsuit

I strongly suggest that you wear a wetsuit. Trust me it’s worth the struggle of putting it on. You can rent one or buy one at Ripcurl, located downtown.


2. Pregame

Before heading into the water set your board in the sand and practice paddling and standing up on the board, this way once you’re in the water you will know what to do.


3. Bring a friend

You should bring a friend to surf with you because it is much more fun to surf with your friends than by yourself. Also, when you take a nasty fall, they can cheer you up and encourage you to keep on trying!!

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4. Surfboard

I highly suggest that you purchase a soft-top longboard. I suggest that you get a wavestorm because they’re a lot of fun and a great entry level board!!


5. Surf Spots

You need a good place to learn how to surf where the waves aren’t too small or too big and where there is no current. A great spot in Ventura would be Mondos Beach.


6. Whitewash

If you ever get caught in the inside and a whitewash wave is coming, face it head on and not from the side. If you face the wave from the side, the wave will flip you, but if you face it head on, then you will just go over the wave.


7. Standing Up

Once you have caught a wave, push up on the board and stand up. If you have trouble standing up, then push up onto your knees and then stand up from there. Once you are up, remember to bend your knees and not your back. The key to surfing is balance.


8. Fall Back

If you ever lose balance when you’re up on your board and you feel like you are going to fall, be sure to fall back into the water and not fall head first. This way you don’t fall on your board or head first into the sand or reef.


9. Have Fun

Lastly you need to have fun in order to surf because, well, surfing is all about having fun!!


This are just some of the ways to help you surf. Now get out there and give it a shot!!